Marketer Learns Trade at Bar, Raises Bar

05 Sep 2008
Runner-up in StartupNation's 2008 Dorm-Based 20 competition, Ilia Nossov has grown his marketing business to 16 campuses across New York state. That's just the beginning. We think he's got huge upside potential.

Back to School, Back to Business

05 Sep 2008
StartupNation announces its list of the 20 top college-based entrepreneurs in America. Some have huge upside, some have extraordinary talent, and others have shown their grit executing on the hard work entrepreneurs are known for. Read about these emerging stars.

Cleaning Up (After Canines)

03 Sep 2008
Sometimes, the glory in business is not what you do. It's that you do it at all. Jon Wood has proven his mettle by carving out a niche scooping dog poop, and has been named a winner in the 2008 StartupNation Dorm-Based 20.