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Small Business in a Rough Economy

15 Mar 2008
A crumbling stock market. The credit crunch. Gasoline approaching $4/gallon. Plummeting house prices. How are these impacting small businesses? At PFL, we talk to thousands of business people every week, most...
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Web 2.0 Stuff

29 Dec 2007
Yesterday we interviewed a candidate for a software developer position. When we got to the part of the interview where we ask if he has any questions for us, he...
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Startup Story

10 Nov 2007
Maybe it’s the soft spot in my heart for anyone brave or foolhardy enough to try a startup in the Rocky Mountain West, an area not known for its abundance...
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Senior Managers: Build or Buy?

30 Sep 2007
At PFL, we focus hard on developing leaders from within. A number of our senior people were originally hired into entry-level positions, and worked their way into positions with progressively...
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Why Are You in Business?

02 Sep 2007
A long vacation provides a much-needed break, but still affords opportunities to get interesting perspectives on how entrepreneurs view their businesses. We just spent a week with extended family on...
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Learning From Others

28 Jul 2007
One of the challenges faced by anyone running a start-up or small business is learning what you need to know, before your lack of knowledge trips you up big time....
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22 Jul 2007
I got a notice last week for my 30th high school reunion. (Please keep the age jokes to yourself…) I’m not sure if I’m going to go. I live 5 hours...
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The Free Rider Problem

14 Jul 2007
Thought leader Dave Bayless has a fascinating post on what he calls the Free Rider Problem. He posts that in a small company, everyone’s contribution is visible and makes a big difference,...
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First Impressions II

12 Jul 2007
Thanks for the responses. The point of my post about the sign on the front desk of the Mill Creek Inn in Lake Geneva Wisconsin was not to opine about...
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