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HRdirect is the trusted source of practical solutions for smart employers. As part of the ComplyRight family, our goal is simple: to bring you a full range of tools to manage and motivate employees, along with sensible guidance to help you handle everyday personnel tasks with confidence and ease. Since 1984, we’ve partnered with millions of businesses of all sizes to reduce the burdens of employee-related compliance, administration and more. From labor law posting and training compliance, to attendance tracking and record keeping, to motivation and recognition, we serve as your one-stop shop to make employee management easier.
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6 Reasons Your Small Business Should Embrace Online HR Software

If someone was to watch you run your business, what would they see? An entrepreneur scrambling to keep up, buried in a mountain of paperwork and putting out fires as they erupt? Or a business with clear, organized processes, relying on simple online software to get things done quickly and efficiently? The choice is yours....