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Birk Creative Uses Google to Collaborate With Customers

JinJa Birkenbeuel founded Birk Creative in 1997 as a way to collaborate more closely with clients and promote her and her husband’s country band. “Because of my marketing and business background, I was able to think strategically about how to build our band’s first website,” JinJa says. She applied her band’s online marketing process to her new branding business, offering integrated marketing and advertising solutions for companies, brands, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and politicians. “Today, I’m leading everything I create with digital strategy,” JinJa says.

“The web lets agencies like mine bring tremendous creative vision and ideas to diverse customers.”

JinJa Birkenbeuel, president and CEO

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Birk Creative grew from word-of-mouth and relentless enthusiasm into a full-service creative strategy agency. Birk Creative maintains a modern digital storefront and deploys a sophisticated digital-marketing operation. They use AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to attract customers both locally and internationally. “It’s really the best way to find and communicate with the customers you’re looking for all over the world,” JinJa says. Birk Creative counts on Google Analytics to understand where their web traffic comes from and fine-tune their marketing. “Our content and social media strategy is based heavily on Google Analytics.” They also take advantage of all the G Suite tools to compete with much larger companies on a level playing field. “Security, efficiency, agility—that’s what Google gives us. And we can give the same results to our customers,” says JinJa.

The web has enabled Birk Creative to generate over 100 percent annual growth.

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Birk Creative’s portfolio of customers now ranges from local Chicago businesses and entrepreneurs to national and international corporations. Their adaptability has helped their annual revenue growth to top 100 percent. JinJa shares her success with the small-business community as well as the creative youth of Chicago. She serves on the boards of the Jewish-Black Business Alliance and Young Chicago Authors. “I often talk with youth about finding their voice, and working on their dreams without fear of failure,” JinJa says. That’s a strategy Birk Creative continues to share with Chicago.

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