Capon Springs and Farms

Capon Springs and Farms Leans on Google Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions

Four generations of one family have owned and operated Capon Springs and Farms since the depths of the Great Depression in 1932. The company originally bottled the spring water, before resurrecting the historic resort destroyed by fire two decades earlier. Many current guests are descendants of people who first visited 80 years ago. Activities include golf (regular, disc, and fling), hiking, swimming, fishing, spa services and more. “It’s an all-inclusive getaway and a step back in time,” says Jonathan Bellingham, Marketing Manager. “It’s humbling what the place means to so many people. Some of them came here as kids and have now gone through generations of their family, just like ours.”

“Digital communication has become an important way to share information and carry on a conversation with our guests.”

Jonathan Bellingham, Marketing Manager

Located 100 miles west of Washington, DC, and open seven months a year, the resort for decades relied solely on word-of-mouth to attract new guests. And it was the regular visitors themselves who encouraged the business into expanding their presence on the web and social media. Since 2013, the resort has revamped their website, including making it mobile-friendly, and has learned to use many digital tools. Google Analytics helps them make good business decisions and keep their website relevant. A YouTube channel lets them share videos. Google Docs and Sheets let the extended family communicate easily with one another about the business. Jonathan’s niece helps keep their social media fresh and interesting.

Capon Springs and Farms has 7,500 seasonal guests.

“We’re not trying to go from zero to sixty, but we’re certainly going from zero to thirty and learning along the way,” Jonathan says. After decades of mostly steady business, Capon Springs and Farms saw more than 6% additional guests and an 8% jump in revenue in 2015. As a successful business in a remote area, they employ 125 seasonal workers, 20 full-time staff, and help support the local fire and rescue squads. The resort’s digital surge “has been very reaffirming and very reassuring that the future is bright,” Jonathan adds. “Is there a real need in the marketplace and in the world for a place like this? What I’m hearing is a resounding yes.”

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