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Dave Hansen Whitewater

Dave Hansen Whitewater Uses Google to Build a Superhighway to the Great Outdoors



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Dave Hansen Whitewater & Scenic River Trips has shared the beauty and adventure of Jackson Hole for 50 years. The business started off as the hobby of a die-hard outdoorsman, Dave Hansen, who enjoyed taking his friends on occasional river rides. Over the years, Dave and current owners, Bud Chatham and Kelly Kaiser, transformed the business into a full-service provider of whitewater escapades and scenic cruises.

“We do trips for people from four years old to 100 years old, however young at heart they might be,” Kyle Vosmus, general manager, said. Unfortunately, as an outdoor company, they don’t lead these exciting river trips all year round—they’re at the mercy of the weather. That’s why, for Kyle, growth has always meant one thing: more control over the business.

“We want our name in the customer’s head before they roll into town. We just can’t do that with print.”

Kyle Vosmus, general manager

With the help of Google Tools, control is just what Dave Hansen Whitewater gets from their online storefront. AdWords, Google’s advertising program, puts the power back in Kyle’s hands.

“AdWords is a jackpot. The name recognition on the internet is great. It helps us attract visitors from well outside the state,” Kyle said. “And with Google Analytics, we know where people are coming from, how they’re seeing us, as well as how many people are booking with us.” The company also uses G Suite tools to collaborate faster, coordinate better and work smarter. “That really helped us big time,” he added.

From planning guide assignments to keeping track of gear and equipment inventory, the web is helping them build a superhighway to the great outdoors for Wyomingites and visitors alike.

Dave Hansen Whitewater has 40 employees.

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Dave Hansen Whitewater continues to grow and evolve, as more plugged-in adventure seekers explore an unwired way of life. The company now shares the Jackson Hole wilderness with over 20,000 customers annually. Thanks to the success they’ve enjoyed, they’re able to donate nearly 1,000 free trips to local middle school students each year.

“I love being on the river, and I love sharing it with people,” Kyle said. “It changes their lives. That’s my favorite part of this job.”

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