Dreamstyle Remodeling

Dreamstyle Remodeling Uses Google AdWords to Market its Services Across the U.S.

Dreamstyle Remodeling began offering remodeling services in 1989, installing window, bath, kitchen and other fixtures from major U.S. manufacturers. The business grew steadily from their original base in Albuquerque to multiple locations across the Southwest, including Santa Fe, Tucson, Phoenix, Prescott Valley, Boise and San Diego.

For years, their primary customers were baby boomers, but founder and CEO Larry Chavez realized that if he wanted to continue growing the business, he would need to start connecting with a younger generation of customers entering the home-buying and remodeling markets. He hired Dawn Dewey as marketing director in 2013. From that point, “we really got heavily into digital,” Dawn says.

“The most important thing we do for marketing is make sure we show up well and correctly on Google.”

Larry Chavez, founder and CEO

Today, over 25 percent of Dreamstyle’s revenue is generated through the internet. They use AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to market their services to customers across the U.S., and they’re seeing handsome returns.

“It costs us about $100 on AdWords to earn $1,000,” Larry remarks. Google Analytics helps to see which advertising campaigns are working, what content is engaging, and if they need to alter their marketing. Google My Business listings allow them to take customers on a 360-degree virtual tour of their showrooms. G Suite tools like Calendar, Docs and Drive keep their internal operations running smoothly. And YouTube provides a platform for sharing testimonials from satisfied customers. All this successful digital branding, Larry says, “is not only good for selling products, it’s good for recruiting people, which of course is our top priority.”

Dreamstyle Remodeling has 500 employees.

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Since shifting to digital, Dreamstyle has added 250 employees to keep pace with their growth. In their 28 years of business, they’ve served 60,000 customers, and a quarter of them are from the past four years alone.

“Google gave us the tools to make our marketing stronger and more sophisticated, which accelerated our growth,” Dawn says.

They are growing 34 percent annually and expect to hit $100 million in sales this year. With plans to open two additional locations, they have their sights set on reaching $250 million by 2020 and hiring another 500 people in the process.

“We think it’s possible,” Larry assures. “And the web and Google tools are going to be critical to that growth.”

For more information on the Dreamstyle Remodeling case study, visit http://economicimpact.google.com.

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