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Why This Startup Attributes its Business Growth to Google AdWords

John Florez and his wife Karen Sironen launched Drupal Connect from their home in 2009, when the American economy was mired in what John calls “a state of sheer calamity.” They started off providing staffing services to web development companies and, within six months, had over 30 clients. Inspired by the demand for Drupal Connect’s software expertise, the husband and wife team decided to expand their business and offer web development services of their own. Drupal Connect now builds and manages websites for a growing number of customers, from large multinational companies to government agencies. “I would say 85 percent of all that growth is attributable to Google,” John says.

“We wouldn’t have been able to have this type of growth if it weren’t for AdWords.”

John Florez, CEO and founder

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About 80 percent of Drupal Connect’s marketing budget goes to digital ads. The company began using AdWords, Google’s advertising program, after their first year in business.

“AdWords was like having a sales person in every state, in every major metropolitan area we wanted to serve, without actually having a person there,” John says. “That helped us get started, and it still helps us get a lot of business. Over three-quarters of our sales comes through it.”

In addition to helping them acquire new clients, AdWords also builds brand awareness for the company.

“Without AdWords, the business would not be where it is today,” he adds.

Drupal Connect has 65 employees.

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With 2016 revenue topping $7 million, Drupal Connect is thriving. And thanks to a new West Coast office, growth is expected to continue. This success is to the benefit of not only the company, but also the local community.

“As we expand, I want to make our city of Newport a better place,” John says. Drupal Connect sponsors high school invention contests to get students excited about innovation and awards scholarships to the winners. He marvels at what he calls “this constant reinvention, this constant growth,” of his company. “I get to make a positive impact on many people’s lives, including people within our community,” he explains. “That’s something I am very fortunate to have.”

For more information on the Drupal Connect case study, visit https://economicimpact.google.com.

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