This Wireless Device Startup Outgrew National Competitors by Embracing Google

Anyone who’s had a wireless device break knows the panic that subsequently sets in. It needs to be fixed—and fast. Jason DeWater, who’d been tinkering with things since sixth grade, had a passion for repairing microelectronics. When his brother-in-law’s iPhone earpiece speaker broke, he fixed it. This led to him launching a mobile repair service out of his basement in 2012. “Business really took off and grew very quickly,” says Jason, who opened his first brick and mortar store a couple years later. “We started adding employees with new skills and expanding our portfolio of what we can fix.” iFixOmaha now repairs smartphones, tablets and laptops. In two short years, they’ve grown to four locations as well as onsite and concierge services.

“Our company’s growth is a Google love story.”

Jason DeWater, founder

From the very beginning, Jason has used Google tools to run his business. He relies on AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to bring gadget-frazzled customers to his website and storefronts.

“Our biggest advertising bang for the buck is AdWords,” he says. “It outperforms any advertising you can imagine, and we’ve tried them all.” Jason estimates 50 percent of business comes from AdWords, with sales increasing 40 percent per year. “What’s really incredible is that every time we increase our ad spend, our sales grow proportionately. It’s like a limitless well.” Google Analytics also enables him to better understand his customers and adapt the business to “meet the services they’re actually looking for.” Google Sheets and Calendar let him track internal workflow, manage inventory, and coordinate work shifts among all four locations. And Google My Business bolsters his online presence with hundreds of customer reviews and 360-degree virtual tours of his stores.

iFixOmaha has 14 employees.

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The more Nebraskans go wireless, the more they need iFixOmaha. In 2016, the business had 10,000 customers and saw an increasing demand for other services, such as the installation and repair of integrated home wireless systems. This year, Jason plans on doubling the number of stores and adding staff to meet the growing need. “The secret sauce behind how we were able to outgrow our local and even national competitors is we embraced the power of Google, right out of the gate.” Thanks to iFixOmaha, Nebraskans no longer need to worry about their wireless devices failing them. “We can fix anything here,” says Jason.

For more information on the iFixOmaha case study, visit http://economicimpact.google.com.

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