Google Tools Help MaxHome Attract More Customers

Larry Closs had a solid career doing advertising for car dealerships and home-improvement companies, but he wanted to build his own business. After consulting with a handyman buddy, he founded a company in 2003 to specialize in one-day bathroom makeovers. “I knew with my advertising background that the Internet was going to become more and more important,” Larry says. Adopting a mission statement perfectly suited to his New Orleans headquarters, “Everybody Happy,” Larry launched MaxHome in 2006 and added windows and outdoor living to his service offerings. As business grew, so did MaxHome’s Internet presence. “Early on, websites were like brochures and digital advertising was in its infancy,” Larry says. “It was scary, like the Wild Wild West. Now, thanks to Google, the Internet has completely changed.”

“AdWords allows us to understand our customers better.”

Larry Closs, CEO

He started using AdWords, Google’s advertising program, in 2008 to attract customers looking for his products and services. “I come from a direct-response marketing background, and you can’t beat the targeting and tracking of AdWords,” Larry says. Google Analytics provides important insights into what’s working in his campaigns and where untapped opportunities await. For example, he can analyze whether more customers search for “Pergola” rooms versus “sunrooms” (surprisingly, they do). “You find out what works and what doesn’t work, and that’s a way to understand your customers better. It helps you talk to them.”

MaxHome has 10,000 happy customers.

The company’s YouTube channel features customer testimonials and examples of their charitable work, such as donating walk-in tubs to a senior-living center. They also offer a scholarship for young business students. Larry now employs 100 people, for whom he strives to “provide opportunities to grow personally, professionally, and financially.” They’ve been ranked among the country’s fastest-growing private companies by Inc. Magazine. Larry credits Google, along with his marketing agency, Socius Marketing, for bringing in $1.1 million in business, and he hopes to achieve between 300% and 400% growth in the next few years. “Google will be the key economic driver in that,” he says.

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