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How This Small Business Improves Customer Efficiency and Safety with Google

Powerful innovations have long come from American garages, and Fargo’s Pedigree Technologies is no exception. Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Alex Warner, Pedigree Technologies brings cutting-edge remote-monitoring and asset-tracking solutions to life.

“It’s pretty exciting to see a product you’ve built changing businesses and making lives easier,” says director of product management, Josh DeCock. Today, their technology is used by companies all across North America to keep track of high value assets—everything from trucks to construction equipment—and diagnose problems remotely. “In the beginning, most of our customers were regional. We now have a much larger customer base with global reach,” Josh remarks.

“We wouldn’t exist without the web. Everything we do uses the internet.”

Josh DeCock, director of product management

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To get this far, Pedigree Technologies has relied on the internet to keep their own business operations as innovative and dynamic as their products. They use AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to target and attract customers.

“On any given month, 33 percent of our traffic has been from Google Search and AdWords,” explains marketing manager, Clay Kraby. “They’re the biggest sources of traffic to our site.”

Google Analytics helps them track their website performance just as closely as their clients’ equipment. They also share eye-catching tutorial videos on YouTube and collaborate in real time with G Suite tools Gmail, Docs and Drive. “Google’s products are robust, reliable, trustworthy, and just make things much simpler to do,” Josh says.

Pedigree Technologies has 65 employees.

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With over 450 customers across the United States and Canada, Pedigree Technologies has long outgrown their garage. Half of their marketing budget is now committed to digital, driving 50 percent annual growth and fueling hiring initiatives to keep pace with their ever-increasing demand. They also have countless stories about how their products are impacting people’s lives.

“We’ve been able to save people’s jobs,” says marketing management director April Dennis. “Following truck accidents, for instance, our technology has been used to prove that drivers were driving just as they should’ve been and that the accidents were out of their control.”

With plans to introduce several new lines of high-tech products this year, Pedigree Technologies can expect many more stories about how they’re improving operational efficiency and safety for their customers.

“A lot of really cool things are coming down the road,” Josh says. “We’re excited to see them come to fruition and make a difference.”

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