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Google Apps for Work Helps This Startup Reach a Global Market

The world increasingly relies on image-based media, both for professional and personal communication. PicMonkey, a design and photo editing platform, makes it possible for people with all levels of expertise to create amazing images. “We give users the ability to unlock their creative superpowers, and really take their images to the next level,” Chief Revenue Officer Maria Kaufman proudly states. So how does a small group of people in the tippy top corner of the U.S. make a successful product with global impact? “We run on Google gas. Their productivity and communication apps help us work with partners and colleagues across time zones, while search, ad and video products help us connect with and grow our user base.”

“We wouldn’t have as many users today if we hadn’t been using Google.”

Maria Kaufman, Chief Revenue Officer

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PicMonkey uses AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to help drive customers to their website. For a company with a digital product, this reach is huge. “AdWords is a vital part of our business, especially as we grow internationally,” Maria says. “Between Google Search and AdWords, 46% of our total site traffic in 2015 came from Google.” They use Google Apps for Work to collaborate, share ideas and execute workflows instantly from anywhere. And they especially love YouTube. “There are thousands of user-created PicMonkey tutorial videos on YouTube,” Maria says. They also turn to AdSense, which helps them sell valuable ad space on their site, as an important revenue source. “AdSense is great for us because we have a tremendous global footprint,” Maria says. “In 2015 alone we saw over three billion ad impressions.”

PicMonkey has 35 employees.

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If a picture’s worth a thousand words, you could fill volumes about PicMonkey’s bright future. They are expanding internationally in addition to hiring locally. “We’re seeing double-digit growth in subscribers and triple-digit growth in average advertising revenue per session. It’s exciting,” Maria reports. Just as photos take you around the world at the speed of a shutter snap, Google products help innovators like PicMonkey reach a global market instantly and easily.

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