Radioactive Productions

Radioactive Productions Creates High-Value Content with YouTube

Enrique Villar-Mendez and Lora Hendrickson founded Radioactive Productions in 2012 with a business plan and a hope that a viral video would send them zooming toward success. Instead, they realized the greater business potential in creating consistent, high-quality online content. In addition to projects for clients in the hospitality industry, they also create a variety of government and educational videos. “This is definitely a small production company,” Lora says. “What’s incredible, though, is that we have the opportunity to play on a level playing field. Because we are more creative, more innovative, or resonate more strongly with our clients, we’re able to compete.”

“The clients we attract online are prestigious, and give us great opportunities to work with their brands.”

Lora Hendrickson, Vice President

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The partners quickly found that YouTube was their most valuable online tool. The platform allows them to easily, quickly, and securely share videos publicly and privately with clients. “YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world,” Enrique says. “It’s free, and gives you all these analytics about how your videos are performing. We’ll even set up a client’s YouTube channel if they don’t know how to.” The company also relies on the Google Apps for Work suite of tools—including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar—to communicate both internally and externally. “We have a very finite budget, and we need to maximize every dollar,” Lora says. “By using Google products, we don’t have to pay for expensive software.”

Radioactive Productions has 10 full- and part-time employees.

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Radioactive Productions is now growing more than 50 percent year-over-year. Their staff and client list have expanded as well. The partners proudly point out that their small production company recently beat out bigger competitors to land a large university contract. In time, Enrique and Lora hope to produce original digital content. “Being a small business is a fun challenge, an adventure, and definitely a roller coaster,” Lora says. “Sometimes dollars and size don’t matter, but passion and creativity can go very far.”

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