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Sureflow Rooter uses Google Search Console for Website Optimization

Brian Wood grew up around a family-owned business. When he decided to strike out on his own in 2012 and start Sureflow Rooter, he wanted to make his business easy to find and easy to trust. He started out doing all the work himself and built Sureflow from the ground up. In addition to affordable, 24/7 emergency response, they provide drain cleaning and rooter services throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. “I take great satisfaction in our reputation and interactions with our customers,” Brian says.

“Google’s impact on my business has been fantastic.”

Brian Wood, Owner

Brian attributes his success to a decision to use Google tools early on. “I created our website because I realized that everybody searches,” he says. “I don’t think there’s any growth for us without Google.” He uses Google Search Console to help him optimize his site in search results and Google Analytics to help him track and improve his website’s effectiveness. His Google My Business listing makes it easy for potential customers to see his phone number and where he’s located. “When people see that we’re local, they’re more likely to go with us,” notes Brian. His customer reviews on Google have been nothing short of “amazing,” he adds. “It’s almost like they’re multiplying. When someone calls us in the middle of the night and we go out there, the first thing they say is, ‘Oh, we were on Google and your reviews were fantastic.’ We simply thank them and the reviews just keep coming in.”

70% of Sureflow Rooter’s customers find them online.

Brian credits Google with increasing Sureflow Rooter’s sales 15 to 20% per year. “There are so many ways that Google has impacted my business. This is such a competitive market. Without these tools, I really don’t know how I would’ve done it.” His success gives Brian great confidence in the future. “I’m extremely happy and proud of my company,” he says. “We’re really creating something that we can continue to build on.” Brian knows where he will turn to help him reach his next long-term goals, which are to add more employees and more vehicles. “Google is the key to growth,” he says. “The sky’s the limit.”

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