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TechSquare Labs Partners with Google for Entrepreneurs

Paul Judge and Allen Nance founded TechSquare Labs in 2014 with a specific goal in mind: to capture the energy of the blossoming Atlanta technology sector and help cultivate it into one of the world’s best. With a 25,000-square-foot space for entrepreneurs near Georgia Tech’s campus and one of the most active venture capital funds in the state, TechSquare Labs is making that future a reality.

“We believe Georgia Tech is a special place. Research being done there is going to change people’s lives and build big businesses,” Allen says. “We want to be the first investor in every one of those companies.” To help dream up the technology of tomorrow, TechSquare Labs relies on the technology of today.

“Every company we have is doing customer acquisition on the internet.”

Allen Nance, co-founder

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TechSquare Labs proudly partners with Google for Entrepreneurs for access to shared workspaces in over 20 cities.

“It gave us a global footprint with physical facilities and resources. It effectively turned the company into a global business overnight,” says Allen.

They also use AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to spike interest in their own business-to-business activities as well as those of their ventures. With G Suite tools like Gmail and Docs, they’re able to collaborate instantly with anyone in the world, right from their doorstep. “Google has been an enormous part of the acceleration of our business model,” says Allen. “With Google, we went from having two investments in the first year to 10 investments in the second year.”

TechSquare Labs has 120 employees.

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Allen and TechSquare Labs are making their vision of a vibrant tech-centric Atlanta a reality, and the whole city is benefitting. The 15 businesses they’ve invested in have created over 500 jobs in the state of Georgia.

In 2017, TechSquare Labs plans to continue creating jobs by supporting 10 more ventures. Their local focus also helps keep talented engineers in the area.

“Those people rent apartments, buy houses, go out to dinner, make donations, and pay taxes, all right here in Atlanta,” Allen says. “It just shows the impact we’re having. Technology is the future, and businesses like TechSquare Labs are building it.”

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