How This Startup Scaled to Millions in Revenue with an Online-Only Marketing Strategy

It was a light-bulb moment. “I was working for a New York City private equity firm specializing in retail and thinking about product categories,” Texas native, Paul Hedrick, said. “I realized my boots were the most expensive things I had on. And it suddenly dawned on me that there was a real business opportunity.” Soon, Paul moved back to Texas and began developing a business plan that led to the start of Tecovas, an exclusively Western cowboy boot brand. Paul launched online in October 2015—and the first boots were shipping by Thanksgiving.

“The web is everything. It allowed us, a two-person team, to reach the entire country and scale to millions of dollars in annual revenue.”

Paul Hedrick, founder and CEO

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Though the company opened an Austin showroom in late 2016, Tecovas still sells more than 95 percent of their boots online. And nearly all of their business planning and marketing is handled using Google tools, including AdWords, Google’s advertising program, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, and G Suite.

“We use AdWords and Google Shopping campaigns to get the word out, Analytics to see how our site and ads are performing, and G Suite for planning and communication,” Paul said.

Google now helps generate nearly a third of Tecovas’ revenue. Paul relies on its tools to drive traffic to their website and regularly reviews Google Analytics reports to refine their advertising efforts.

Tecovas sees a 14x return on their Google Shopping campaigns.

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“Two thousand and sixteen was a good first year,” Paul said. An online-only marketing strategy paved the way for exceptional growth. By the end of 2016, Tecovas had 8,000 customers. Thanks in part to Google’s scalable online tools, they’re projecting over 50,000 customers in 2017. Launched as a two-man operation, Tecovas now employs a half-dozen workers and plans on tripling their staff in the coming months. They give back to the community by donating unused and returned boots to a charity that provides footwear to homeless shelters. All in all, his light-bulb moment turned out pretty well. “There has never been a better time to start a business online,” Paul said.

For more information on the Tecovas case study, visit https://economicimpact.google.com.

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