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Furniture and Gift Retailer Re-Energizes its Sales with Google AdWords

Glen Arterburn knew he was in for hard work when he took over the Chief Marketing Officer position for Trees n Trends in early 2012. Since the company’s founding in the early 1990s, the outdoor-furniture-and-gift retailer had been steadily expanding across the Southeast with a unique business model: showcasing high-quality, brand-name patio furniture alongside discount home decor and seasonal products. As the company’s growth plateaued, however, Glen needed to prove to his team that shifting the company’s TV and newspaper advertising to a digital strategy could re-energize sales.

“When I started, 100 percent of our marketing was with TV and newspapers. Today, almost 100 percent of it is digital.”

Glen Arterburn, chief marketing officer

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Glen wasted no time transforming into a viable e-commerce platform and a valuable source of revenue. Using AdWords, Google’s advertising program, Trees n Trends attracted potential customers to the site when they searched online for outdoor patio furniture. “We went from zero to more than a couple million dollars in online sales a year, and that was primarily through AdWords,” he says. Google Analytics gave him information and insights into how the company’s site and advertising campaigns were doing in order to make them even better. Glen also created a YouTube channel that provides customers with home decorating ideas, product highlights, and tutorials. This not only helped share the company’s story, but also strengthened their credibility among home decor enthusiasts.

Trees n Trends has 170 employees.

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“Today, Google is responsible for driving almost 100 percent of our website traffic,” says Glen. And that’s driving company growth again. Trees n Trends now operates 10 retail store locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Alabama and has hired additional staff to help with their digital marketing and online sales. Through AdWords and YouTube, they’ve increased their website traffic from an average of 15,000 to over 80,000 user sessions per month. And nearly all of their past five years’ online revenue can be attributed to digital marketing. “It was hard work,” says Glen. “But when we turned to AdWords, the traffic, and in turn the sales, started to flow pretty quickly. I’m very satisfied with the results and, more importantly, my boss is now sold on digital too.”

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