2009 Elevator Pitch Contest on at StartupNation

30 Jan 2009

Rich Sloan

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If you’ve been following StartupNation for years, not just months or weeks, you know that we were one of the pioneers that popularized the “Elevator Pitch”, your chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch your dream investor in a blazing 60 seconds. It was always one of the most popular segments in our nationally syndicated radio show and was definitely the most fun.

Now we’re taking that legacy of sometimes good, sometimes awful, but always courageous pitches and turning it into an online contest at StartupNation.

After March 2oth, the Top 100 highest vote getters from among all contestants will be judged by a panel of professional investors who sit on a mountain of cash just waiting to be invested into the right deals.

GAME ON! That’s what we say.

Starting today, you can submit your  60-second video or audio elevator pitch. If you must, it can be up to two minutes in length, but preferably, folks, closer to 60 seconds.

Your pitch will be voted on by viewers who scrutinize you just like Mr. Money Bags would. Can you handle the pressure? Can you deliver the goods? Can you hook your dream investor? If you’ve got the right pitch and the right deal, you may be selected as one of the Top 5 Winners by the judge-investors.

The Top 5 Winners will each be given an hour that could be worth millions. They’ll each be given one-hour of dedicated presentation time with the panel of investors. They will also receive a brand new laptop. (See more on this below.)

We’re extremely excited to kick off this contest, especially given the tough financial environment for startups and existing companies alike.

We certainly couldn’t have launched the contest without the sponsorship of GoToMeeting, the online presentation service, and Toshiba, maker of the new Satellite Pro S300 laptop. Their teams have worked closely with us to ensure that entrepreneurs get inspired and informed and that winners receive invaluable prizes to help them achieve success.

Here’s a link to the StartupNation Elevator Pitch Contest:


Are you going up or going down?

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