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Gecko Designs Connects with Clients Worldwide Using Google

Gabe Silverman always had an entrepreneur’s spirit, especially when it came to the new digital frontier. At just 16, he started a business designing websites out of his parents’ bedroom. “The Internet was just starting to become a thing people had, so I started making web pages for different companies around town,” he says. But as word got around that Gabe and his newly founded business, Gecko Designs, were doing top-quality work, the Missoula native saw his small business dream take off. “Now we have clients from around the country. We’re doing really well, and it’s exciting.” More than two decades later, Gecko Designs is showing the world why Missoula is one of the best addresses on the web.

“Google has been a huge part of our success.”

Gabe Silverman, Owner

Gabe uses a variety of Google tools to connect with clients and run the business. AdWords, Google’s advertising program, drives potential leads to their website. Google Apps for Work allows for easy collaboration within the company. YouTube hosts their dynamic and engaging informational videos. Gabe especially makes the most of the insights he gains from Google Analytics. “Without Analytics, you’re flying blind. We see where our traffic is coming from, what people are searching for, and how much time they spend on the site. That data is absolutely critical.” And their Google My Business listing helps them to make a great first impression by showcasing reviews from clients.

Gecko Designs has 10 employees.

Today, Gecko Designs averages about 20% annual growth, with no signs of slowing down. What matters most to Gabe, though, is helping to create his own budding Silicon Valley in Montana. “We are bringing out-of-state money into our local economy, which is really important,” he says. “This business started a mile down the road when I was in high school and now we have a staff of ten in a downtown building we own. That’s pretty cool.”

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