Hellbender Brewing Company

Hellbender Brewing Company Uses Google Products to Engage with Customers

For Ben Evans and Patrick Mullane, the founders of Hellbender Brewing Company, beer isn’t just a good time—it’s a good cause. “We just think there’s a better way to brew,” Patrick says. That’s why, after a decade of dabbling in homebrewed concoctions, they opened Hellbender in 2014 with more than just delicious drinks in mind for their city. Ben and Patrick’s focus on environmental sustainability is revitalizing their craft, their market, and the way urban businesses view their role in their neighborhoods. By using a Belgian-made hammer mill and mash filter system in their brewing system (the first of its kind on the Atlantic Coast), they reduce ingredient use by 15%, water use by 30%, and energy use by 20%.

“When you can’t afford a large staff, you need every tool you have to do your job, and Google products have been there for us. They’re a big part of our success.”

Patrick Mullane, Co-founder & Marketing Manager

Hellbender uses a whole suite of Google tools to make their small-business dream a daily reality. “In our first full year of operations (2015), our sales grew in the second half by 250% over the first half. Much of that growth was led by using Google and the Internet to introduce ourselves to customers. Google gave us the tools to reach out to and engage customers and tell them precisely what they wanted to know—where to go to find our products,” says Patrick. Once those potential customers make it to their website, Patrick and Ben use Google Analytics to learn more about how visitors are interacting with the site and then leverage those insights to make data-driven decisions. According to Patrick, “Through Google Analytics, we were able to increase our sales by approximately 15%.” To streamline operations, they use Gmail and Google Docs for instantaneous collaboration and Google Maps to make their delivery and sales routes more efficient.

Hellbender Brewing Company increased sales by approximately 15% by using Google Analytics.

Their approach is working. This young company now has 14 employees, distributes to approximately 450 bars and restaurants per year, and serves around 500 customers in their tasting room on a weekly basis. They have big plans for continuing to pave the way for sustainable brewing. Patrick says their goal is “not just to make more sales, but to expand our community.” Google is helping to make that dream a reality.

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For more information on the Hellbender Brewing Company case study, visit https://economicimpact.google.com.

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