NOBULL Targets Niche Market with Help of Google AdWords

NOBULL sells training shoes, apparel, and accessories targeting the Crossfit market. Founders Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer had their brand story down before they even knew what products they would sell. “We wanted to create products that didn’t promise you’re going to run faster or jump higher or do more burpees, because in the end that’s bull,” Michael says. “We have a saying, ‘The only thing that will make you fitter is you.’ That’s really clicked with our customers.” And clicked they have. Since launching their e-commerce website in May 2015, Marcus and Michael have seen business grow at a jaw-dropping pace.

“Our business has taken off exponentially with Google.”

Marcus Wilson, Founder

They credit AdWords, Google’s advertising program, with helping to fuel their exponential growth. “The great thing about AdWords is you can start small enough to get quantifiable data, then invest into that success,” Marcus says. “If something doesn’t work, you learn from that, too. Our success with AdWords has blown us away.” Their web marketing also promotes NOBULL at brick-and-mortar events as well as in pop-up shops. Google Analytics provides a depth of information so they can build on their successes, learn more about their customers, and make course adjustments where needed. Data from Google Analytics even helps predict future production runs by providing insight into growth rates, what’s driving sales, and from where.

NOBULL has 10 employees.

With ten employees and counting, NOBULL is expanding into the broader functional fitness market and launching products in more global markets. About 70% of their web traffic comes from people using mobile devices, so they plan to create an even more mobile-friendly website. They also plan to develop a YouTube channel to further showcase the NOBULL brand experience. “We wouldn’t be growing this fast without the insights and help provided by Google,” Marcus says. “We’ve gone from a startup business to a hyper-growth business in less than one year. It’s mind-boggling. We have confidence in our customer-acquisition process and will continue investing into success.”

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