PointClickSwitch Uses Google AdWords to Raise Awareness

When they founded PointClickSwitch in 2010, Phil Croskey and his partners Jason Schwartzberg and Paul Clary had one goal: give the people of Maryland an easy way to shop for third-party energy providers. “We provide a marketplace for customers who are looking for a way to reduce their utility bills,” Phil says. From their Baltimore headquarters, they sought to educate and empower citizens who never even knew they had a choice. Phil understood that to get the word out about PointClickSwitch, they needed the power of the Internet.

“Without the Internet, our business wouldn’t have been plausible.”

Phil Croskey, Co-founder

PointClickSwitch uses AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to raise awareness of their service. “AdWords has really helped us get that message out,” Phil says. Location targeting in AdWords allows them to target the specific geographic areas where their service is available and makes it easy to target new areas as they expand. They supplement AdWords with YouTube videos to instruct and inform their audience, and they use Google Apps for Work to collaborate and innovate from anywhere. PointClickSwitch also relies on Google Analytics to pinpoint where their website traffic is coming from and how to get the most from their advertising budget. “The data that’s provided to us in Google Analytics is huge,” Phil says. “It’s key to us.”

PointClickSwitch has been experiencing 125% annual growth.

Today, PointClickSwitch is providing information and options to more customers than ever. “Eighty-five percent of customers we come across do not understand their utility bill. We’re changing that,” Phil says. They have five full-time employees with plans to hire more, and will soon be operating in nearly a dozen states. “Watching this business that we’ve built grow is one of the great joys of my life,” Phil says. With over 80% of their traffic coming from the Internet, PointClickSwitch will be able to continue helping citizens from all over the country save money. “It helps us reach our customers, bottom line,” he says. In an industry where knowledge is power, that means everything.

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For more information on the PointClickSwitch case study, visit https://economicimpact.google.com.

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