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Rogue Creamery Increases Reach with Google Tools

David Gremmels and Cary Bryant originally planned to open a wine-and-cheese bar, but in 2002 they visited the Rogue Creamery to sniff out its renowned blue cheese. When they learned the nearly 70-year-old creamery was for sale, they changed their plans and bought the business. Since then, they’ve taken pride in handcrafting artisan cheeses the old-fashioned way and promoting sustainable business practices—such as farming organically, using solar energy, buying and selling locally, recycling, and community philanthropy. They sell their products at a brick-and-mortar store and through distribution to other supermarkets and specialty cheese shops. Now the Internet is helping these cheesemakers spread the word about their products to an even broader audience.

“Google connects our products to people who care about where their food comes from.”

Tom Van Voorhees, Cheesemonger

AdWords, Google’s advertising program, helps them reach customers. A targeted AdWords campaign over the 2015 holiday season helped them see a 20% increase in online sales. Google Analytics gives them insights into how users are interacting with their site and where their products are gaining popularity. “I’ve got Google Analytics up every morning to spot trends and variations,” says Retail Manager Tom Van Voorhees. “For example, we saw we were shipping a lot of orders to Arizona, so now we can target more ads there.” Their Google My Business listing helps some 40,000 visitors a year visit the cheese store, with directions, reviews, and photos. “We ask people how they found us, and so many say, ‘I found you on Google.'”

Rogue Creamery has 45 employees.

The business wants to increase its reach among a growing audience of socially and environmentally conscious consumers. To do so, they plan to increasingly leverage social media to share the Rogue Creamery story, including on Google+ and YouTube. And they’ve recently opened up their dairy farm so visitors can meet the cows behind the cheese. “We’re planning to do a Google My Business listing for the farm,” Tom says. “Our website has the most potential for growth. With Google tools, you don’t have to spend a lot to get results—it’s money well spent.”

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