The Internet Continues to Evolve… To Your Benefit

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If you were expecting a blog from Jeff & Rich, don’t be disappointed. As they continue to create more content, answer questions on the radio show, and take the many calls and emails they’ve received since the latest Costco Connection Magazine was published, I offered to provide some of my thoughts, or at least some comments on recent stuff I’ve read.

An interesting interview with Bradley Horowitz from Yahoo by Wall Street Journal columnist Lee Gomes. The opportunities for everyone to create their own online business have grown, but don’t be caught following a crowd with a “me-too” idea. Make sure you’re following your own path with something you believe in. Too many ideas stem from a “get rich quick” plan that usually includes selling to Yahoo or someone else.

This Washington Post article takes a longer perspective on where we’ve been with Internet businesses. You always hear about the winners, and we forget the others. There are still huge opportunities to start businesses using the Internet as the foundation. But expect that change will continue. Today everyone talks about user generated content from YouTube and others. Tomorrow it will be someone or something different.

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur, and everyone can be one. I’m a testament to that, as is anyone who’s at StartupNation reading this blog and joining the StartupNation Community.

John Siverling

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