How BrickHouse Security Grew its Business with MicroSourcing

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MicroSourcing is the outsourcing provider of choice for many small and medium businesses. With unique solutions like direct control over your team and transparent pricing, MicroSourcing is the perfect middle ground for businesses who want expand and grow without additional investments.

As discussed in our previous article, outsourcing helps small businesses to get more work done with less capital expenditures. Below is a recap of the many advantages we discussed:

Offshoring advantages:

  • Cost savings
  • No upfront investment
  • Greater level of efficiency
  • Expertise

Philippine advantage:

  • Superb English skills
  • Highly skilled and available workforce
  • Destination of choice

Unique MicroSourcing advantage:

  • Control over your team
  • Transparent pricing

To illustrate how MicroSourcing helps businesses grow, we created an outsourcing case study from a corporation in New York City, below.

Outsourcing case study

BrickHouse Security is a security and surveillance company headquartered in New York City. It services more than 400 Fortune 500 companies and more than 2,500 local and national governmental agencies, amounting to more than 40,000 clients around the globe.

The company’s tremendous growth and volume of clientele eventually presented BrickHouse with a major challenge. Having used traditional call center outsourcing services for nearly three years, it became apparent that there was a conflict of interest between what was best for BrickHouse, and what was best for the call center.

A breaking point was reached when it was determined that the BrickHouse Operations Manager was spending far more time trying to manage issues outside of the direct control of BrickHouse than she was on managing productive business for the company. Company leaders realized that this was unacceptable because only their personnel and their Operations Manager knew their business well enough to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

“We were not aligned due to the business model. Our operations manager was spending 60 percent of her time dealing with issues that were outside of our control and only 40 percent of time conducting productive business. We needed control of our business because we are the only ones that truly know our business.” Dan Sachs, vice president of operations at BrickHouse, said.

In August of 2015, after careful consideration, BrickHouse moved their operations manager, with 15 of their most knowledgeable agents, overseas to MicroSourcing where they were provided with dedicated office space and IT infrastructure that perfectly matched their needs. The 20 additional agents recruited by MicroSourcing were initially hired just to take calls, but grew over time and began including sales, support and back office functions.

“We knew it was a good idea, but it was scary to make such a radical change in our model,” Sachs said.

The new BrickHouse team of 35 full-time employees at MicroSourcing is now a highly motivated and responsive team, responsible for a significant increase in customer satisfaction for BrickHouse clients. The employees themselves are happy and highly motivated in their roles.


In the case study described above, the BrickHouse security firm experienced tremendous success outsourcing through MicroSourcing, and couldn’t have been more pleased with results. In the case of BrickHouse, the primary motivation for outsourcing was trying to regain control of its operations because the existing outsourcing arrangement simply was not working as it should have.

By engaging with MicroSourcing, BrickHouse not only regained control of its business functions through its newly empowered operations manager and support team, but also discovered that the hand-picked staff was responsible for a significant increase in customer satisfaction as well.

“The model just works! The partnership is set up to work. In many cases, our staff in the Philippines does better than we do here! Once we moved over to MicroSourcing, we saw our CSAT ratings improve significantly. Our customers are happier at MicroSourcing. Our abandonment rate has also been cut in half and has been reduced by 50 percent,” Sachs said. “Team members are showing up to work because they like their jobs, respect management and are true professionals.”

Given their limited resources, there are multiple reasons why startups and small businesses are favorably looking into outsourcing and offshoring to grow their business. With this, they need a partner that can provide solutions.

At MicroSourcing, we provide solutions for businesses to grow without additional investment and having their dedicated team that supports this growth. Visit MicroSourcing and let us show you how we can help your business grow.

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