Online Promotion Mania

06 Mar 2007
Have you noticed the growing wave of promotions (contests and sweepstakes) that are all over the internet these days? Start looking around and you’ll see tons of TV ads that drive people to an online promotion. You’ll also see all sorts of banner ads on sites throughout the Internet trying to get you to click...
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Email marketing tips 1-5

04 Mar 2007
Here are email marketing tips 1-5 for this week: #5 Be consistent with your sending frequency. Pick a schedule, whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and as often as you can stick to that schedule. This way, your customers will come to expect and anticipate your company’s communications. #4 Timing is key with Business...
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Coffee and Markets

04 Mar 2007
The Brothers Sloan point out that Starbucks created a new market ($4 coffee) where before there was none. (Read their post.) Seth Godin has a great observation about picking a market for your startup company: bigger may be harder than smaller, even though large markets would seem to provide large opportunities. Read Seth’s post. Hey...
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Hot Off the Presses – Coffee Houses are Hot Business Ideas!

03 Mar 2007
Read an article today from a well respected authority suggesting "hot businesses to start today"…. One of those "hot" ideas….."start a coffee shop". A what?!?! You’ve got to be kidding! With Starbucks and 10 other major brands on every corner in every community, how can that be a hot business idea? Starbucks has taken a...
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Weasel Words

02 Mar 2007
Maybe it’s political correctness run amok. Maybe it’s a desire to avoid accountability. Whatever the cause, the business world is full of weasel words: evasions, exceptions, and buts. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like it is getting harder to find people or companies who will say what they mean in a clear, straightforward,...
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Institutional Sludge

01 Mar 2007
As most of you know, we travel a great deal for our business endeavors with StartupNation. There’s no denying it, air travel is just undeniably stressful at times. However, we recently traveled on one of those “no frills” airlines and found to our surprise that the experience was less stressful than it tends to be...
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Numbers Game

28 Feb 2007
Headline: "Autodesk Inc. reported its revenue for the fourth quarter on Tuesday, and also said it will restate financial results for past years. The San Rafael company (NASDAQ: ADSK) hasn’t reported its profit or loss in recent quarters because it is looking into its stock option grants to employees. On Tuesday, the company said it...
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Business Owners Need to Know When and How

27 Feb 2007
I blogged earlier in the month about a contest that we ran at and the overwhelmingly “I LOVE THIS CONTEST” reactions we received. I was surprised and surmised that the combination of competition and learning is what appealed to the StartupNation community of entrepreneurs. Give an entrepreneur a challenge while telling her that she’s...
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Internet Phones

26 Feb 2007
Word's around that you can save a lot of money by switching your company's phone service to the Internet. That got your attention fast. But before triumphantly flipping off Ma Bell, you should know a few things about using VoIP for business.