4 Traps To Avoid When Selling Your Company

Business owners have been known to refer to due diligence as “the entrepreneur’s proctology exam.” It’s a crude analogy, but a good representation of what it feels like when a stranger pokes, prods and looks inside every inch of your business. Most professional acquirers will have a checklist of questions they need answered if they’re considering... Read More

How E-Commerce Businesses Can Boost Brand Marketing

Even in a thriving digital economy, print still plays a big role in brand marketing. For e-commerce businesses that ship goods directly to customers, printed add-ons are a tactful way to dramatically enhance the unboxing experience. Small online businesses know that customers appreciate and remember finding thoughtful extras in their packages, so they invest time and effort... Read More

Brand Development: Splicing the Impulse Gene

I recently heard a talk by Kodi Foster, Viacom’s VP of Data Strategy, as part of PSFK’s “Future of Advertising” conference series. It was all about how Viacom is rethinking data mapping for creative purposes across channels, brands and campaigns. This is the future of brand development and creative strategy, and you can find the talk here. One of... Read More

5 Common SEO Misconceptions and Why They Hurt Your Business

Understanding search engine optimization can be a tricky business. Not because it’s overly complicated (though sometimes it can feel that way) or because there isn’t enough information (in truth, there’s probably too much information). It’s tricky because there’s no immediate feedback as to whether or not you’re doing something efficiently. Parts of your SEO strategy... Read More

Boost Your Business with a Trade Show Booth [Infographic]

Running a trade show booth might be costly for your company, but it’s one of the best ways that you can reach new customers and promote your brand in a face-to-face environment. Trade shows are a great investment that can generate new business leads, strengthen current client relationships and build new relationships with other businesses.... Read More

The Unmistakable Creative on Why Best Practices are Your Worst Enemy [Book Excerpt]

The excerpt below was selected specifically for StartupNation’s audience from “UNMISTAKABLE: Why Only Is Better Than Best,” by Srinivas Rao, host of popular podcast the Unmistakable Creative, with permission of Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © Srinivas Rao, 2016. Those who choose to follow a map... Read More