Is Your Product or Service Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

16 Nov 2016
When an entrepreneur brings an idea to an investor, sometimes they are referred to as the next Facebook, or “the Uber for (insert any industry).” Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that many ideas and businesses are not game changers and will not become a “unicorn.” A unicorn, in the world of business, is a startup company...
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Patriot Boot Camp Helps Veterans Launch Tech Startups

After they leave the service, some military veterans choose to pursue entrepreneurship rather than taking a civilian job. But until recently, these vets often had to forge a new path and find startup resources on their own. Several organizations now aim to fill that gap. Patriot Boot Camp offers a three-day intensive program that helps...
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PointClickSwitch Uses Google AdWords to Raise Awareness

11 Nov 2016
When they founded PointClickSwitch in 2010, Phil Croskey and his partners Jason Schwartzberg and Paul Clary had one goal: give the people of Maryland an easy way to shop for third-party energy providers. “We provide a marketplace for customers who are looking for a way to reduce their utility bills,” Phil says. From their Baltimore...
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Why Your Corporate Structure Matters More than You Think

10 Nov 2016
When you’re in the process of legitimizing your startup, it’s easy to get swept up in the jargon and not fully understand the difference between the entities. You might be familiar with LLCs and corporations, but what about everything else that comes after that like the B Corp., C Corp. and S Corp.? What’s the...
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