AOL Co-Founder Steve Case on AppleLink in “The Third Wave” [Book Excerpt]

06 Sep 2016
The following excerpt was selected exclusively for StartupNation readers from “The Third Wave” by Steve Case. The excerpt shares Case’s process pitching his startup company, Quantum Computer Services, to Apple, and the journey that followed. Copyright © 2016 by Steve Case. Excerpted with permission by Simon & Schuster, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. The pitch resonated well with them....
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Company Culture: The Workplace Perks That Impress Top Performers

04 Sep 2016
With websites like Glassdoor acting as a Yelp for workplaces, more companies than ever are looking to outdo their rivals in a bid for top employees. Many modern companies are leaning away from the “all-business” mentality, in favor of fostering relationships and engagement with their staff. With this shift comes a variety of workplace perks encouraged...
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Influencer Marketing: 5 Steps for Growing Your Startup

03 Sep 2016
Before the growth of the internet, influencer marketing wasn’t a viable option for the vast majority of businesses. While major brands had the reputation and budget to turn celebrities into brand ambassadors, cash strapped startups simply didn’t have this option. This has all changed with the advent of social media, and influencers aren’t reserved to...
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Crime and Theft Insurance: Why They are Treated Differently

02 Sep 2016
As a small business owner, you surely have property insurance, which covers a wide array of circumstances, including some instances of theft. But do you know where your coverage ends and vulnerability begins? Believe it or not, crime and theft insurance are not interchangeable, and your property insurance may not provide the coverage you need....
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Incorporating a Business: Where, When and How

31 Aug 2016
Incorporating a business is not synonymous with “incorporating a business in Delaware,” yet many businesses do incorporate in Delaware. In fact, according to Delaware’s official website, it consistently ranks among the top five states for entity formations (Florida, California, New York and Texas being the other four). The state also leads in out-of-state incorporations, that is, when...
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Female Entrepreneurs and the Fight for Funding

30 Aug 2016
“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.” New York has always been attractive to the self-made man, but it could now be the premier destination for the self-made woman, too. The Big Apple is being widely hailed as the new template for female-friendly business formation, enabling female entrepreneurs to launch startups with the...
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