How to Write a Press Release That Will Get Published

09 Nov 2016
There’s something exciting happening with your business, and you want to tell the world. That’s great, congratulations! But before you sit down to hammer out a press release, consider this: editors and journalists are flooded with them every day. If yours doesn’t immediately stand out, it won’t get read, let alone published. These tips will help you...
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Expert Advice: How to Make Your Startup More Successful

08 Nov 2016
Starting your own company requires goal setting, dedication and more persistence than you ever thought you could have. However, a vision and drive to make your business a reality will only take you so far. Without flexibility, a mission, financial guidance and more, your dream business will be nothing more than a stressful nightmare that...
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Creating and Marketing Engaging Video Content

06 Nov 2016
In today’s world of marketing, everyone strives to create a video that that grabs consumer’s attention, keeps their attention and ultimately goes viral. But most importantly, what makes effective video content in the first place? As an entrepreneur, how can you improve your video marketing strategy and create something that truly encompasses your business? These five principals are...
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ThinkFun Creates Strong Branding Online with Google Tools

04 Nov 2016
Bill Ritchie and his wife, Andrea Barthello, founded ThinkFun in 1985 to translate the ideas of mathematicians, engineers, and inventors into enjoyable games for kids around the world. Bill’s inspiration was his own childhood. “From the time I was a little kid, the whole idea of recreational mathematics and playing with logic games and toys...
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