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7 Amazing Online Tools Every Startup Should Know About

Getting your business off the ground and growing it can seem daunting, so below are seven online tools that are sure to make it easier:

Content Idea Generator

Having a blog on your website is a great way of getting your name out there, showing off your industry-specific knowledge and building relationships with clients. This handy little tool provides you with blog titles that are relevant to your sector in just a matter of seconds, so you will not have to spend hours devising content themes.


With its drag and drop features, MailChimp makes it easy to create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. You can segment your audience into different demographics and construct trigger emails to create campaigns that are relevant to each customer. MailChimp also comes with detailed reporting features that allow you to analyze the success of your campaigns.


Take the stress away from managing your bookings and client lists with the help of Eviivo. Boasting a payment manager that looks after your finances effectively, a fully responsive website on a personalized domain and the ability to process bookings from leading travel websites such as Expedia and LateRooms, this tool allows you to manage your business on the go.


This cloud-based storage system acts as the perfect platform for storing sensitive company documents. You can share work with your employees, organize your tasks into an efficient folder structure and it also eliminates the need for storing important files as attachments on your email account.


Hootsuite makes it easy to implement a great social media strategy. Its clever interface allows you to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time, and you can also schedule posts to go out at the most appropriate times. With easy to understand analytics data and a collaboration feature that allows you to assign jobs to co-workers, building a rapport with your clients has never been easier.


A solid legal foundation is essential to the success of any startup, especially for those in the e-commerce sector and those that wish to capture the details of their clients. Termsfeed is sure to satisfy this requirement.

This program lets you create professional-looking Privacy Policies, End User License Agreements, Refund Policies, Terms and Conditions, Cookies Policies, Terms of Use and Terms of Service Agreements. All of these documents can be legally binding, are drafted by professional lawyers and are compatible with a wide range of online and digital platforms.


If you’re looking to carry out some effective market research before you start trading or release a new product, then SurveyMonkey is the tool you need. You will be able to create on-brand, easy to understand surveys in just a matter of minutes, and then you can share them with your target market to get the results you need to move your business forward.

With detailed metrics, automatic feedback collections and 24/7 support, developing leads and monitoring up and coming trends has never been so straightforward, meaning you can spend more time on growing your business.

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