6 Reasons Your Small Business Should Embrace Online HR Software

If someone was to watch you run your business, what would they see? An entrepreneur scrambling to keep up, buried in a mountain of paperwork and putting out fires as they erupt? Or a business with clear, organized processes, relying on simple online software to get things done quickly and efficiently?

The choice is yours. But when your to-do list is a mile long and your hours are limited, shifting to online solutions can make all the difference in how you handle HR and employee management responsibilities.

Change is happening

If you’ve been reluctant to switch to software, you’re not alone. ComplyRight’s 2017 National Small Business Compliance Pulse Survey found that 70 percent of small business employers still use pen, paper, sticky notes and spreadsheets to manage HR tasks.

Yet these businesses continue to face the same frustrations, such as:

  • The administrative runaround with multiple employee files
  • Completing mandatory new hire paperwork
  • Keeping track of who’s on the job, and who’s not
  • A time-consuming job application process
  • Uncertainty on how to handle disciplinary issues
  • Staying on top of all the time-off requests from employees
  • Setting up and communicating company policies

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The disconnect is obvious: Traditional methods don’t alleviate the tedious “busy work” or recordkeeping shortcomings many businesses face. They eat up your valuable time and pull you away from bigger business objectives. There’s a better way, and it doesn’t require a lot of money or effort to get started!

Cloud-based HR tools provide tremendous advantages over old-fashioned paper systems. The options and features will vary, depending on the software provider, but here are six important considerations when making the switch:

1) Eliminates paper trail and consolidates effort: Information in the cloud is centralized and just a log-in away, so everyone can share in the record keeping responsibility. Permitted users can access information anytime, anywhere with an internet connection – and employees can enter their own information through self-service features.

2) Easy to use and always current: There’s no need for the intensive employee training typical with installed software. Everything is simple and self-explanatory, so you can jump in and handle routine tasks right away. Plus, you’ll always have the latest, most current application with online software.

3) Provides built-in compliance: Labor law compliance is critical for businesses of any size. The right HR software is developed and updated by legal experts to ensure 100 percent compliance with ever-evolving federal and state requirements.

4) Addresses your specific needs: For maximum ease and effectiveness, you can select the exact, singularly focused app for your needs, such as record keeping, attendance tracking or scheduling. You won’t get saddled with an all-in-one system with a lot of added features that don’t make sense for your business.

5) Affordably priced: Since you’re only buying what you need for a specific goal, the price tag for individual apps is low. Unlike with many “big business” software systems, there are no activation costs, licensing fees or other surprise costs.

6) Keeps your data secure: When you do your homework and select a reputable HR software provider, you can be confident that your sensitive information is safeguarded by the highest business standards and security protocols.

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Take a fresh approach to everyday HR

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