Creative Business Model: Knitting Grannies

Modeled after Swiss and Danish efforts which sell knit goods handmade by real-life grandmothers, French based Golden Hook is a company that lets customers design their own hat and then choose the grandmother they’d like to knit it.

The Concept:

  • Customers choose a hat—classic, long or Peruvian, with pompom or without. 
  • Customer choose a blank hat or one of the site’s existing designs and customize it, knit row by row, by clicking on a region of the hat and then clicking on the colour they’d like that stripe to be; they can even choose the hue of the strings by the ears, and for those with simple tastes a “Colour Up” option is available to make the entire hat a single shade.
  • Then customers select their hat size

The Best Part?

  • Customers proceed on to view a gallery of grandmas, which gives photos and short bios (“married since kindergarten, a former dairywoman, she’s an absolute fan of the Wheel of Fortune,” for example) for each knitter in the company’s employ.
  • Customers can send her a message and can even request that she sign her name on the hat’s label.


Knitting + Grannies = Priceless.

(Pricing begins at EUR 42.)

In a time when so much communication and gifting is online and virtual, this is one site that gives the perverbial “warm fuzzy.”

It’s local, it’s personal and if you don’t have a grandma — it’s homey. Know Grannies who like to knit? This might be an opportunity for you!


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