Creative Business Model: Knitting Grannies

Christine Haskell

Christine is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft with several years experience in the .com industry.

She recently started social venture labs, an idea incubator for those leading small mission-driven businesses or organizations looking to create relationships, share ideas and get feedback on common business practices. She is new to StartupNation, and looking to profile mission driven companies and discusses related themes.

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Modeled after Swiss and Danish efforts which sell knit goods handmade by real-life grandmothers, French based Golden Hook is a company that lets customers design their own hat and then choose the grandmother they’d like to knit it.

The Concept:

  • Customers choose a hat—classic, long or Peruvian, with pompom or without. 
  • Customer choose a blank hat or one of the site’s existing designs and customize it, knit row by row, by clicking on a region of the hat and then clicking on the colour they’d like that stripe to be; they can even choose the hue of the strings by the ears, and for those with simple tastes a “Colour Up” option is available to make the entire hat a single shade.
  • Then customers select their hat size

The Best Part?

  • Customers proceed on to view a gallery of grandmas, which gives photos and short bios (“married since kindergarten, a former dairywoman, she’s an absolute fan of the Wheel of Fortune,” for example) for each knitter in the company’s employ.
  • Customers can send her a message and can even request that she sign her name on the hat’s label.


Knitting + Grannies = Priceless.

(Pricing begins at EUR 42.)

In a time when so much communication and gifting is online and virtual, this is one site that gives the perverbial “warm fuzzy.”

It’s local, it’s personal and if you don’t have a grandma — it’s homey. Know Grannies who like to knit? This might be an opportunity for you!


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