topic: Launch Your Business

Don’t Botch Your Product Launch

23 Mar 2015
Despite careful planning, you have to accept the possibility that something could go wrong during your product launch. Make sure that your launch can still move forward even if something doesn't go according to plan.

Competitors Are Not Your Enemy – Part 1 – Validation

13 Nov 2014
Researching a competitor's business you can validate and learn if your idea is a viable business opportunity. The research should yield possible pitfalls, job openings, which may reveal their future plans and directions and so much more. In the end use the information you learn to make your own business plans and improve your products and services to help you become and grow into a successful startup business.

The client-designer relationship

Allow your chosen designer to use their experiences, skills and whatever tools or materials needed to create an illustrative message for your marketing campaign or product. If done correctly, the design process will yield the best possible solution for the client’s problem.

How to Name Your Startup

03 Oct 2014
Naming your startup can be more time consuming than you'd like. These 3 simple steps will help you to name your start up business and move on to building your business.