Cool Company of the day: Foot Petals

This one was recommended by a StartupNation community member with sore feet apparently – a problem a lot of women (and men) deal with.

The Cool Company of the day is Foot Petals, the brainchild of Tina Aldatz, who experienced the proverbial "necessity is the mother of invention" phenomenon. The product line is Tina’s invention – an unobtrusive pad you stick inside your fancy shoes to make each step a little softer on the feet.

You might think, "with Dr. Scholls out there, how can there be any opportunity?" But Tina knows the answer to that question – improve the product and target the product for special kinds of uses such as high-fashion women’s shoes. and EUREKA!

What makes this company cool in large part is the simple fact that Tina DID IT! Unlike so many people with a practical, appealing idea that solves a real problem, Tina actually took the key steps to start up. And what a success she’s become.

Foot Petal’s "cool factor" is amped up even higher by Tina’s celebrity marketing efforts. People like Teri Hatcher and Angela Bassett not only using the product but putting their mugs on the Foot Petals site, the shoe pads become the "cool" thing to have…

Want to create a very cool company and get your product onto 2000 retail shelves? Need the courage to say, "I DID IT"? Look no further than Tina Aldatz’s Foot Petals.

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