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Russell Williams is President and Co-founder of InventionHome and Russell created InventionHome in 2002 as a credible and affordable platform for inventors to explore the invention and patent processes and has subsequently grown the company from a start-up enterprise into one of the industry’s leading organizations with a vast network of manufacturers, inventors and partners. He launched in 2008 as a free online marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers of finished “innovative” products.
Russell holds educational degrees from both Carnegie Mellon University (Masters/Management) and West Virginia University (Bachelors/Finance) and has accumulated over 20 years business and entrepreneurial experience.


No, the invention of the month is not the girl in the bikini; it is the clever floating bookstand she’s using to read in the hot tub!

Each month, I like to provide the StartUpNation inventor community with one invention that seems to catch people’s attention, whether it’s the creative nature and uniqueness of the invention or the “girl in bikini” approach used to promote the invention.  Either way, it’s always fun to see what other creative folks are inventing. 



This month, as temperatures across the United States rise for the month of August, many of us seek refuge from the heat by hitting the pool.  This handy device enables you combine your dip in the pool with the relaxation of a good book or magazine.  It’s called the Floating Bookstand, and comes from inventor Eric Paton.  This floating platform consists of a floating base, backrest and ledge to hold your reading material, and also has a feature to hold your book open for hands-free use.   


Eric is seeking a licensee for his patented invention, and he has enlisted the help of our company, InventionHome.  If you’d like to learn about the steps of licensing your own invention, feel free to request information right here at StartupNation – Click to Request.

Stay cool!


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