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7 Ways to Make Happiness Happen

27 Dec 2013
Apart from the obvious benefits to our life experience that being happy brings, happiness and feeling good are essential to our ability to attract things, events, people and circumstances into...
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Upgrade Your Digital Life

27 Nov 2013
Sometimes inefficiency cannot be defeated. When the typewriter was first invented in the 1870’s, fast typing caused the keys to jam.  Thus, the layout of the keyboard was changed to...
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How to Fail

12 Nov 2013
[1353 words | 6 minute read] It has been over two decades since I started my first company at age 25. My early years in business were emotionally draining. I...
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Divorce and Business: 4 Key Questions

08 Nov 2013
According to a study conducted in 2011, 90% of small businesses in the US are considered family owned and in a separate study, researchers estimate that 50% of marriages end in divorce, with both these figures in mind, it is important to ask the question, what will happen to the family business in the event of a divorce?

The Erosion of Work/Life Boundaries

10 Jul 2013
Those of us who have seen the classic American office culture satire Office Space can almost surely recall filling out our own version of a TPS report – some piece of bureaucratic redundancy.