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How Does StartupNation Price Online Banner/Display Advertising?

StartupNation uses a Cost-Per-Thousand ad impressions model, also known as a CPM, to sell online inventory. Sponsorship costs have this CPM rolled into the full monthly/quarterly cost, since sponsorships contain many elements to execute beyond a straight banner campaign.

What is an Ad Impression?

An Ad Impression occurs whenever a visitor to the sees your ad. One visualization of your ad by a visitor counts as one ad impression.

What is a Page View?

Page View is each time a page is viewed on a particular web site.

What is a Unique Visitor?

Unique Visit occurs the first time that you visit StartupNation online in a given month. Any subsequent visits from the same computer are not counted as a unique visit within that particular month. For example, if you visit StartupNation each day of a particular month from your home computer, you are only counted as one unique visit.

Note: Additional interactive terminology can be found through the Interactive Advertising Bureau web site.

If I Want to Advertise My Product on StartupNation, How Do I Calculate the Ad Impressions I Would Receive, Based on My Budget?

$$ (Budget) ÷ CPM x 1000 = Number of Ad Impressions You Would Receive

Where Would I Be Able to Place My Ads on StartupNation?

For display advertising, we currently schedule your ads Run-of-Site, based on inventory available for the dates that you would like to run. Targeted ad placements are included in title sponsorships only. A targeted placement occurs when an ad is only displayed within a specific area of the site.

What is “Run-of-Site”?

Run-of-Site placement enables your ad to appear throughout the site, in a random fashion. In other words, there is no guarantee of where your ad will be placed, other than on

What Ad Sizes Are Available on

Currently, StartupNation runs 160×600 Skyscraper; 300×250 Island; 180×150 Island; 300×600 Half Page ad sizes. Specific areas of the site may not display all ad sizes, so it is best to check with StartupNation in regard to where specific ad sizes are placed. To see an example of these ad sizes, please visit the Interactive Advertising Bureau web site.

Why do StartupNation CPM’s vary by size?

Our CPM’s vary based on the size of the ad, the % of inventory available and CTR range of a particular size.

What Are’s Advertising Rates?

Contact us, and we would be happy to provide you with rates to advertise with StartupNation!

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