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Professional Employer Organizations: 4 Reasons You Need One

With endless tasks popping up on any average day, entrepreneurial company leaders simply don't have time to do everything. That's why a professional employer organization, or PEO, may help you grow and stay complaint as you grow. A PEO is an outsourcing firm that provides comprehensive human resource and compliance  services to small- and medium-sized...
Great Resignation
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The Great Resignation Is Helping Startups Thrive

By now, you’ve likely heard of the Great Resignation. The term has recently dominated news headlines, as it’s impacting the American workforce across virtually every industry. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic sparked a seismic shift in existing workplaces and will certainly play a distinct role in the future of work. While it seems as though the...
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8 Ways to Inspire a Virtual Team

Thanks to technology, the traditional workplace has become a relic of the past. We no longer need to hire qualified individuals who are in the proximity of our business. We can now tap into a global talent pool to hire the best person available for the job. The downside? Working with remote workers can be...
startup's finances
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6 Ways to Keep Your Startup’s Finances Balanced Year-Round

Now that we are halfway into 2021, it is time to think about how you can further improve your startup’s operations to guarantee greater success in the latter half of the year. During this process, you will want to ensure that your cybersecurity measures are up to date, properly organize all of your old customer...
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Post-COVID-19 Recruiting Trends: What’s Changing About How We Hire

A lot is changing about how we work as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, but what about how companies hire? COVID-19 has shifted priorities for many workers who had to juggle them this last year or who had a taste of a different lifestyle. This means how companies recruit has to change to keep...
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Why Embracing Freelancers Could Be the Key to Success in the COVID-19 Era

The world as a whole is facing the most challenging time in recent history. The health and economic effects of COVID-19 caught most countries off guard. Mid-March and early April were extremely volatile, and the information on how the virus spread was oftentimes contradictory. We knew one thing for certain: staying home would save lives....
remote hires
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How and Where to Find Remote Hires for Your Startup

The future of work is remote — at least in our near-future, as many businesses that shifted their employees to remote work at the onset of COVID-19 are continuing to maintain work from home policies. These include companies like Google and Facebook, both of which recently announced employees may work from home until the summer...
Financial Operations
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How to Build Scalable Financial Operations for Your Startup

One of the most important questions faced by startups is "How do I create a scalable financial department?" It’s also one of the most difficult questions to answer because a blanket approach doesn’t exist. Every startup will face its own unique challenges. The added pressure of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is another major consideration weighing...
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5 Tasks Entrepreneurs Should Outsource to Focus on Growth

Outsourcing will always be an entrepreneur’s best friend. However, many fail to understand the underlying benefits of outsourcing, like what to outsource, and how to maximize their efforts. Outsourcing is a tactical solution to reduce your company’s overhead expenses, while successfully scaling and delegating certain tasks to subject-matter experts. As an entrepreneur, your day-to-day operations likely...
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How to Bring Your Business Finances into the New Decade

For new entrepreneurs, now is the perfect time of year to look at your business finances with fresh eyes. While there may be nothing wrong with your current systems, you may find that technical advances can help your startup save both time and money when it comes to your finances. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings...
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When Should Startups Outsource Their Accounting?

Entrepreneurs often juggle many responsibilities, including keeping track of their finances. Startup or not, nearly half of small businesses don't employ an accountant or a bookkeeper. At some point, however, it may be more productive for an entrepreneur to outsource their accounting and free up their time to focus on running their business. At what...
side hustle
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4 Signs Your Side Hustle is Sustainable and Ready to Grow

Side hustles are all about balance. By its very definition, a “side hustle” is a profit-making endeavor that you do on the side of an additional, typically full-time, job. Anyone who has a side hustle is usually juggling a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, so organization, time management and personal discipline are key. While...
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Lessons Learned From Scaling an Early Stage Startup Internationally

Many companies that have their eyes on unicorn status first have humble beginnings. When launching your product or scaling your business, building the team is just as important as bringing your service or brand to market. I’ve seen firsthand what it’s like to grow a team from a handful of passionate visionaries to over 30...
latin america
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Forget Europe: Here’s Why Online Startups Should Expand To Latin America First

Many entrepreneurs dream of going global, and doing so is no longer a move reserved for major corporations. Today’s entrepreneurs have more opportunity than ever to expand their businesses overseas after success in their home countries, or even start a business overseas from day one. As such, the biggest question about conducting international business is...
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Automation Has Clear Benefits for E-Commerce: Here’s Why

For e-commerce retailers, increasing productivity is a constant goal, but it’s difficult to know where to start. What might be even more daunting is deciding which tasks should remain on your plate and which ones should be handed off to someone else. Automation is frequently resisted because employees are worried about losing their jobs to computers. But in the...
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What to Do When Your Startup’s Outreach Strategy Hits a Wall

You’ve sent out campaign after campaign with some success, but six months down the line, you feel you’ve exhausted every avenue you could with a client and your link building strategy is coming to a halt. The pressure to build links and improve rankings is on and you are considering doing what you always pride...
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How E-Commerce Can Take Your Startup Global

The global reach of the internet allows buyers from around the world to easily find your business and communicate with you, creating exciting growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups. The final step (buying from you) is also more accessible than ever. Completing international transactions involves new skills and considerations that can feel daunting and time...
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4 Simple Tips to Successfully Scale Your Startup Globally

For many startups, conquering the domestic market (and indeed the local market) would be a prize enough. Yet others have broader ambitions, and see a place in the world for their idea. For those individuals, there is no time to waste in getting their product to market, and guiding their business to greater success, globally....