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LISTEN: Projected Impact of AI on Labor

If your competitors are putting AI to work to create efficiencies, cut costs, and increase productivity: be aware. But more to the point, start considering deploying AI in ways that keep you competitive. Tune in...
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LISTEN: The Power of Email Marketing

When email is used as intended, it's one of the most powerful channels of all. According to a new study from Hunger Rush, 82% have made a purchase directly because of an email they've received....
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LISTEN: New Data Reveals Consumer Sentiment Today

Americans are struggling and becoming more reticent to new spending, especially when it comes to spending on non-essential purchases. 61% of Americans of all income brackets are living paycheck to paycheck these days, so the...
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LISTEN: Brand Messaging Trends at Play Today

Humor has always been an effective approach to messaging, and still remains so today... but with a caveat. As Americans face tough economic challenges in their daily lives, their receptivity to brand messaging based on...
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LISTEN: AI Becoming a Threat to Marketers

According to a new study by SurveyMonkey, 27% of marketers now indicate that they fear artificial intelligence could threaten their job security. What are the key use cases? 34% of marketers integrate AI into the...
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LISTEN: The Power of Sonic Branding

There are more opportunities than ever to build sound into your brand. Thinking of ways to differentiate your brand? Try using sound in one way or another in association with your brand and drive more...
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LISTEN: Status of Work in Office Mandates

Why are employees pushing so hard to get their employees back into the office? According to a Resume Builder survey, employers who have their employees back in the office are reporting that they see an...