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How to Stay Top of Mind and Boost Referrals in Any Business

Referrals are the highest compliment to your business — but it takes work to get them. There’s a fine line between staying top of mind with referral sources and being pushy. Here’s how these relationship masters and advisors in The Oracles find this balance and win referrals. 1. Create content and meet right away We do our...
customer feedback
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Are You Making these 3 Customer Feedback Mistakes?

Most businesses are aware that consumer feedback is essential. Good customer feedback is crucial for the success of any business; however, negative reviews can ruin your company. When correctly done, getting feedback from your consumers can substantially help your business. Besides, how else will you understand what your consumers are thinking if you’re not asking?...
Marketing Demand
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2021 Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business

When it comes to marketing your small business, there are many different avenues you can take. To help simplify your efforts, we’ve put together a list of the top 2021 marketing trends to help grow your small business. Expand your reach Being a small business owner is no small feat. From maintaining the back-of-the-house books...
link building
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The Importance of Authority Link Building for Startups

In order for a website to rank well in Google search, numerous factors come into play. Amongst these factors is what you might call the “reputation” of the website. This reputation is enhanced when other websites have linked back to the site in question. However, it’s the quality of the sites linking back to the...
facebook ads
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5 Common Mistakes Startups Make with Facebook Ads

There are a lot of new and small companies that rely on Facebook as a cornerstone of their marketing plan. And yet, so many brands struggle with Facebook ads. Before you continue pouring money into advertising campaigns that aren’t delivering the results you want, let’s go over the five mistakes that a lot of startups...
Google My Business
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How to Promote Your Business to Local Customers Using Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business listing service provided by Google that helps businesses showcase who they are and what they do. Google uses location to provide users with the best possible experience and makes searching and discovering the information they desire fast and efficient. GMB is relevant for local searches because when...
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10 SEO Tips and Tactics to Improve Communication During COVID-19

We are amidst an unprecedented global pandemic that requires companies to provide both creative and logical solutions to survive. The COVID-19 crisis has forced many of us to find alternative ways of doing business in order to maintain streams of revenue. Whether your business falls under essential or non-essential, it's vital to keep the lines...
SEO metrics
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A Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Common SEO Metrics

“What gets measured gets managed,” Peter Drucker said in his 1954 book, "The Practice of Management." When it comes to SEO, this adage definitely applies. Entrepreneurs track rankings, traffic, conversions and more to help them understand how their efforts are impacting the websites they work on. These and other SEO metrics can reveal what’s working...
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4 Ways Micro-Influencers Get Results for New Brands

In the old days of marketing, everything was so much more simple and direct. Companies bought ads for products and consumers bought those products without much fuss. There wasn't a lot to think about, no price comparison sites or brand values to consider. Today, however, consumers think differently, make decisions differently, and value different factors...
Neighborhood Champion
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How You Can Be a Neighborhood Champion on Small Business Saturday

Are you ready to #ShopSmall? This year, Small Business Saturday falls on November 24, 2018. While the holiday may be sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday has consistently packed a powerful shopping punch for small businesses. Founded by American Express, the purpose of Small Business Saturday is to bring more awareness...
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SoulCycle Co-Founder on Riding Out Rapid Business Growth

The following is adapted from "Riding High," copyright © 2018 by Ruth Zukerman. First hardcover edition published October 2, 2018 by St. Martin’s Press. All rights reserved.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the odds of a small business surviving aren’t as slim as you might think: about 75 percent of new businesses survive...
user-generated content
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Conversation Marketing: Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

The following is adapted and reprinted with permission from Career Press, an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser. "Conversation Marketing" by Kevin Lund, is available wherever books and e-books are sold or directly from the publisher at or 800-423-7087 When your customers and experts praise your product on social media channels, you’ve already succeeded at directing...
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How to Tap Into the Rise of Micro-Influencers

An updated approach to influencer marketing is making its way around the social media scene that benefits smaller influencers, as well as the companies that work with them. It targets users known as micro-influencers, or social media users with lower, but very engaged followings, to promote products and services through carefully curated posts instead of...
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Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Work With Outside PR Firms?

It's important to look at your expectations versus reality when it comes to working with an outside public relations firm. As far as expectations go, millennial entrepreneurs may think working with a PR pro means overnight success for their business: landing their startup a cover story in The New York Times, getting influencers talking about...
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Why the Art of Calling Isn’t Dead (Especially for a Startup)

We are in a day and age where the lines of communication are always open, even if you try to escape. As I sit down to write my thoughts for this article, I see email notifications pop up on an almost constant basis. While email is a quick and (sometimes) non-intrusive way to communicate, according...
content marketing
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The Content Marketing Strategy You Need to Reach New Customers

You’ve had the summer to work on your business, and now you’re ready to dive into your content marketing. You may be blogging on your own website regularly, but have you considered contributing content on other blogs? This is called guest blogging, and it can be a highly-effective tool for reaching new customers. How guest blogging...
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How One Entrepreneur Uses Influencers to Help Apps Gain Traction

While most college students prefer to spend their downtime at toga parties, Victor Ricci went about things differently. Like most young people, he wasn’t spending every waking hour at the library—he too was having fun, but in a way that would make him profitable. Does his name ring a bell? If so, that’s because during his...
Referral program
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7 Steps to Implementing a Successful Referral Program

When it comes to marketing, there is no technique more effective than the power of the referral. Referrals from friends, family, colleagues and even celebrities have been some of the best ways for companies to spread the word and secure customers for centuries. Think of the last time you needed a new hairdresser, doctor, dentist...