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Justin E. Crawford is the founder of Agents of Efficiency, Inc., author of "Live Free or DIY: The Time-starved Small-Business Owner’s Survival Guide" and the chief architect of the Efficiency Roadmap process, which helps small businesses across the country thrive. As an attorney, entrepreneur and operations consultant, he has more than 15 years of experience launching and growing companies.
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4 Painless Ways to Secure Your Facebook Business Page

Originally published in 2018. Facebook is scrambling to recover after its most recent security breach, which put an estimated 50 million users' data at risk. That's 50 million people whose personal information could have fallen into the wrong hands. In light of the breach, Facebook took safety precautions securing an estimate 40 million users' data....
Morning routines
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3 Ways Thriving Entrepreneurs Structure Their Morning Routines

Ever wonder what Bill Gates eats for breakfast? Or what Oprah’s favorite meditation is? Developing a unique routine that works for you is much more important than copying someone else’s habits to a tee. Different things work for different people. The faster we can accept that our individual preferences and needs have value, we can...
seasonal marketing
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4 Elements of an Effective Seasonal Marketing Campaign

The holiday season is an interesting time to observe marketing trends within any industry. On the one hand, consumers are shopping more than any other time of the year, and on the other hand, there’s more competition for consumer attention than ever. This means that there are more opportunities to connect with potential customers, but...
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How to Bring Your Brick-and-Mortar Business to the Digital World

For brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs, all of the business' features are right there in front of you: the storefront design, the products, the signage, the customers. You can engage with all aspects of your business directly in a set physical space. Being accustomed to this concreteness, it can be a bit of a challenge to envision your...
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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Franchise

For someone with the financial capability, it might seem like a no-brainer to buy a franchise and capitalize on an opportunity. But the idea of stepping into the franchising world shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only do you need knowledge of the current business model and the industry itself, but the self-awareness to recognize whether...
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Hustle Overdrive: Start Sustaining Your Business Instead

In today’s entrepreneurial culture, hustling is a source of pride for many. But the question must be asked: Should we be proud of hustle? Is there any other way to maintain success? And if hustle is a good thing, at what point does it go overboard and become workaholism? It’s not that we haven’t yet...
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Moving Beyond Authenticity: The Next Step in Social Media Marketing

“Authenticity, for me, is doing what you promise, not ‘being who you are.’ It’s not, ‘say whatever is on your mind,’ either. Instead, I define it as, 'consistent emotional labor.'” - Seth Godin Authenticity has become a buzzword in modern social media marketing, and for good reason. The marketing culture we are moving out of...
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4 Ways Micro-Influencers Get Results for New Brands

In the old days of marketing, everything was so much more simple and direct. Companies bought ads for products and consumers bought those products without much fuss. There wasn't a lot to think about, no price comparison sites or brand values to consider. Today, however, consumers think differently, make decisions differently, and value different factors...
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Making the Transition from Freelancer to Entrepreneur

From the outside looking in, running a business and freelancing can appear quite similar. Both freelancers and entrepreneurs can set their own schedule, work from just about anywhere, and decide what projects interest them. From the perspective of someone stuck in the 9 to 5 grind, both a freelancer and an entrepreneur can seem like...
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How to Use Pre-Sales and Pre-Orders to Boost Your Cash Flow

It’s a naive mistake to assume that if you create something, an audience will automatically flood in to support you. It may have worked in “Field of Dreams,” but this is business. In the age of the internet, practically everyone is selling or promoting something, and sifting through the muck isn’t something consumers have time...
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How a European Startup Increased Revenue by 14,315 Percent

Let’s be honest, the mattress business may not seem like the most fascinating niche in the startup world; especially at a time when industries like technology and tourism are transforming so quickly. But statistics show an undeniably interesting story about a mattress company called Emma, recently confirmed as the fastest growing startup in Europe. How...
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Can E-Commerce and Brick-and-Mortar Stores Co-Exist?

Will the ever-growing popularity of online shopping cause brick-and-mortar businesses to die a slow death? Forbes, Huffington Post, Quora and essentially every digital business hub has taken a stab at predicting what will happen to brick-and-mortar businesses as e-commerce grows exponentially. In the earlier days of the e-commerce explosion, many people were convinced that brick-and-mortar...
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4 Steps to a Culture of Business Innovation

"If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong." - Charles Kettering As profound shifts take place in the modern workplace, entrepreneurs are finally recognizing that the traditional way isn't always the best way. Rather than employees who put their heads down and step in line, entrepreneurs now seek bold innovators to...
content game
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7 Ways to Boost Your Content Strategy

If you've been producing content for a while, either on behalf of your business or brand, you might fear that your well of creative ideas is running dry. Yes, it's difficult to be inspired all the time, but the fear of running out of ideas shouldn't be taken too seriously. There is always a new...
social media
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Make the Most of Your Content Through Social Media Channels

Content lies at the heart of digital marketing, and our social media channels provide a means to ship that content out to our audience. We have Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn articles and a plethora of other avenues that continuously propel our content efforts forward in unique and innovative ways. If you are searching for...
social media
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Social Media Strategy: More Than Just Likes and Follows

Do you ever feel like your business is struggling to collect more follows, shares and likes? Does it seem like much of this social interaction is surface-level and ultimately meaningless? If your business is failing to land actual sales from social media, it may feel like you are wasting your time. In truth, it is...
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How to Follow Up With Sales Leads the Right Way

It's a task so many professionals dread, yet it's a critical aspect of running a sustainable business. You may think of following up with leads as a one-time event: you capture a sales lead, wait a day or two, and then give them a call. The end. In reality, following up with leads is a...
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How to Take Your Content Creation From Mediocre to Viral

Most modern businesses engage in digital marketing of some kind, and much of that falls under the umbrella of content marketing. Whether it's blog posts, photos, social media updates, videos, webinars, or anything else, you probably use content marketing to maintain a relationship with your audience. So for most of us, publishing a piece of...
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Tips for Constructing Your Digital Marketing Plan in 2018

Building your business from the ground up is both an exciting and stressful process. New businesses are fortunate in having more options than ever to reach a wider audience. But they're simultaneously cursed with greater competition than ever, as more and more businesses hop on the digital marketing bandwagon. Consumers want authentic and trustworthy brands...