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Are You Making these 3 Customer Feedback Mistakes?

Most businesses are aware that consumer feedback is essential. Good customer feedback is crucial for the success of any business; however, negative reviews can ruin your company.

When correctly done, getting feedback from your consumers can substantially help your business. Besides, how else will you understand what your consumers are thinking if you’re not asking?

Good consumer review surveys are hard to come by in this digital era, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be created. Surveys can show that companies make common mistakes and, by avoiding them, you’ll make the consumer experience both smooth and straightforward. You’ll boost the chances of obtaining valuable data since your customers can finish the surveys without getting bored halfway through. Taking this into account, below are some of the mistakes that you need to stop making.

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Focusing only on negative reviews

If you go through your consumers’ feedback and only pay attention to the critics, then you’re doing it all wrong. Something will be amiss if someone rates you 0 or 1. Remember that you’ll gain substantial feedback from promoters and passive consumers via their responses. Have a strategy that highlights what works and what doesn’t for your customers. This way, you’ll avoid the extra work of constantly handling cases. Learn more about your chief promoters and why they like your services. Get to know what your passive users can’t see and use this information to propel your business. For this to be successful, you have to analyze every response, not just the terrible ones.

In addition to dissatisfied customers, you can use the replies as a chance to improve your business by creating a better experience for your consumers. A consumer who was once dissatisfied with your services can instantaneously become a passionate advocate once they notice that you’ve handled their complaint. Therefore, by keenly listening to your critics, you can use negative feedback as a chance to improve your business.

Poor organization & planning

If you desire a customer’s full attention, you need to put more effort into creating a survey that’s appealing to the eye. Your consumer feedback form should look professional since you’re asking consumers for their opinion about the business. The last thing you’d want is for your customers to recall how you poorly constructed the survey. First impressions are essential. That’s why a professional survey needs to be organized and planned carefully, even if it requires hiring someone to do the job for you. Don’t rush your survey. Instead, ensure it’s tested, approved, and perfect before emailing it to your consumers.

customer feedback

In regard to the above, design your survey in a way that won’t take too much of the consumer’s time. Surveys that are long and complicated often frustrate customers, leading to skipped questions. Regulate your questions to topics you can act on within a short period (preferably 3 months). Show your consumers that you respect the time and effort they’ve spent answering your questions. For the complicated and strategic questions, save them for customer care meetings with your high-ranking customers.

Concerning structure, nobody wants to open a feedback form only to realize that it’s filled with empty text lines. When most consumers view this, they’ll be reluctant to share because they’ll feel unsettled. Alternatively, you can supply them with yes and no checkboxes or a grading system. If you have to use checkboxes, ensure there are just a few because your No. 1 priority is to make the consumer’s life comfortable.

Asking customers the wrong questions

It is vital to steer clear of asking unnecessary and monotonous questions. Make sure you only include relevant customer feedback questions. Asking too many personal questions such as marital status and income may benefit your analysis, but it needs to be done correctly and at the right moment. Bombarding your consumers with too many questions can make them shy away from giving their feedback. Alternatively, you can make these questions either optional or eliminate them. In addition to asking repetitive questions, never ask your consumers about things that you already know.

In relation to the above, a good customer feedback question hits the bull’s eye by specifically asking how your business needs to improve. A good example is “How frequently do you use our service?” because it will inform you if the consumer is a short- or long-term user. This information will help you understand if you need to target better and learn which responses to give more attention to.

Also, check your grammar because it plays a role in your consumer’s feedback. A feedback form with questions that have grammatical errors can lower a customer’s interest. It will show them that you weren’t serious with the study and that it isn’t vital. Therefore, check and recheck your survey for any errors that can sabotage your customers’ relationship.

Winding up

A successful company pays attention to consumer feedback and addresses every concern to build a lasting relationship. However, it has been quite challenging to get good consumer feedback over the years due to user data concerns. Modern platforms like social media have made things more accessible, such as increased connection points. Because of this, consumers have more information concerning the businesses they’re dealing with and what they have in common.

In regard to social media, consumer reluctance to share feedback has been a battle. That is why companies should use a more comprehensive network and seek consent among their customers rather than stressing individual data.

Concerning the customer feedback form, ensure that your questions are straightforward and concise. This way, you’ll get higher interaction from the targeted consumers. Treat your users the same way you’d want to be treated: Respect their time and effort, don’t ask lengthy and confusing questions, and respond to their concerns as soon as possible.

Using each of the steps provided above, you’ll have cemented a good, loyal and trusting bond that will last for years. Finally, are you familiar with how detractors can ruin a company? Kindly share with us by leaving your comments below.

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