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As president, Greg helps develop and communicate a vision of success for AccessPoint by making sure the right teams are assembled and the right tools are given to garner their success. Greg has been on the forefront of the professional employer organization (PEO) industry for decades even serving as the chair of the board of directors for the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). He founded his first PEO in 1985 which was later acquired by ADP, a company that now services more than 650,000 clients globally. He served as the Midwest-area president helping grow the market to more than 25,000 worksite employees and more than $700 million in annual payroll. AccessPoint is the second PEO Greg has helped form throughout his career. Forming in 2000, AccessPoint has grown to 4 offices in Michigan and services clients across the United States and with additional offices in Washington D.C. and Florida. Recently, AccessPoint partnered with Vensure Employer Services to become a part of their family of PEOs which now serves over 330,000 worksite employees across all 50 states.
vaccine policies
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Employer Guides: Vaccine Policies in the Workplace

Lately the topic of vaccines in the workplace, specifically what employers can do, has been a popular point of discussion, and now with the new executive order in place regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, employers are wondering...
workplace safety
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Workplace Safety: Conduct a Workplace Risk Assessment

A complete workplace risk assessment is critical to protect your employees and your business. Be proactive in identifying risks before you are forced to because of liability. A thorough inspection of the work environment, equipment...
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How To Create Successful Job Postings

Job postings are an important part of the recruiting process. They are what attracts potential talent to your company. It’s important for your job posting to stand out when candidates are searching for new opportunities....