How To Create Successful Job Postings

Job postings are an important part of the recruiting process. They are what attracts potential talent to your company. It’s important for your job posting to stand out when candidates are searching for new opportunities. We’ve broken down the key elements of a job posting and how you can make your postings more impactful.

Elements of job postings

Every job posting contains the following elements: an introduction to the company and a job overview, benefits and pay range, job duties and responsibilities, and requirements and qualifications for the candidate.

    • Introduction and Overview: This section should be two to three paragraphs and should describe the company, the specific position, and what it takes to be successful in the role. It’s also a good idea to state how the position fits into the company and the structure of the team/department. This section of the posting is meant to help the candidate visualize the day-to-day position and to help them see themselves in the role within the company.
    • Benefits and Pay Range: If you are including benefits, perks, and a pay range in your description, you’ll want to include this near the top of the posting to make the candidate interested right away. Studies show you will receive more applications if the salary is listed as a range, or include verbiage such as “salary commensurate with experience” rather than providing a flat salary amount. This will show the candidate that there is room to negotiate and will not deter them from applying.
    • Job Duties and Responsibilities: This section of the posting should be a bullet-point list with five to 10 bullets. These should be listed in order of importance, with the most important responsibility at the top. Each duty should start with a “to be” verb rather than an “-ing” verb to be more effective. These should also be written in present tense and in complete sentences.
    • Requirements and Qualifications: This section should also be a bulleted list, with must-have requirements at the top followed by preferred requirements. The types of requirements include years of experience overall, education, years of experience needed for specific skills, personality characteristics crucial to the role, any necessary certifications, and any physical abilities needed. Preferred skills could include additional education, a background in a specific industry, or familiarity with a specific program or platform.

At the end of the job posting, it’s a good idea to include two or three sentences that briefly describe the interview process, the general timeline for hiring, and instructions for applying.

Writing successful job postings is essential to ensure you attract the right candidates. Let our recruiting specialists at AccessPoint help create your job postings and assist with the recruiting process, from job posting to interviewing to hiring. We will work together to make sure you find the right person for the job.

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