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Chloe Gawrych is a finance writer at She’s worked with many small businesses over the past 10 years, from game stores to law firms. Watching frustrated business owners try to sift through all their options gave her a passion for breaking down complex business topics. She wants to help business owners spend less time agonizing over their businesses so they can spend more time running them.
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How to Bring Your Business Finances into the New Decade

For new entrepreneurs, now is the perfect time of year to look at your business finances with fresh eyes. While there may be nothing wrong with your current systems, you may find that technical advances can help your startup save both time and money when it comes to your finances. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings...
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5 Questions to Ask Before Applying for a Small Business Loan

Remember the old advice that heeds to “look before you leap”? When it comes to small business loans, you can translate that to “ask before you apply,” and it’s a crucial step for any entrepreneur considering financing. You’ve probably already thought of common questions like, “What will my interest rate be?” and, “How long is the...