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Scott Seroka is a certified Brand Strategist who writes about leadership and brand issues. He has been in business for more than 15 years, and has a broad experience in business development, operations, creative direction and production. He lead one of several CEO roundtables through the Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce (MMAC), serves on the University Outreach Committee for the Business Marketing Association (BMA), is a member of Brand Establishment and Second Wind, and earned his Train the Trainer certificate in Leader Effectiveness Training through Gordon Training International. Please visit his blog to find out more about  these topics.
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Five Ways to Find Great Leaders in Your Company

If you  run a profitable company - one that is outgrowing your ability to run  everything on your own, handing over some leadership will be  inevitable. And your mental and emotional health will depend on it. You  may have set your sights on a few long-time employees who define  excellence in everything they do, but...