Mighty Missouri Coffee Co.

Google AdWords Helps Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. Generate Robust Sales

Brian Jackson believes a cup of coffee should delight the senses, get the blood pumping, and inspire possibilities. “I grew up on Lake Sakakawea with a strong sense of the spirit of adventure,” says Brian, an avid swimmer, cyclist, and runner. After graduating from college, Brian wanted to start a company inspired by his love for the rugged outdoors. He founded the Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. in 2013, paying homage to the river that runs through Bismarck. He imports what he calls “Third Wave, origin-centric” coffee from all over the world. The company mantra—”Another day, another adventure”—is stamped on every bag.

“You can’t tell your story unless you get in front of people. The best way we’ve found to do that is attracting those people online.”

Brian Jackson, President & CEO

This speciality craft roaster relies on the Internet to keep business percolating. “In lieu of a brick-and-mortar store, our online presence becomes our storefront,” Brian says. “Our focus is on Google advertising and social media marketing campaigns.” He used AdWords, Google’s advertising program, to help launch the brand. Now they enjoy robust online sales and distribute to coffee shops and grocery stores throughout the Dakotas, with AdWords bringing in more than half of the website’s visitors. Google Maps shows coffee lovers where they can buy “Mighty Mo” blends, while Google Analytics shows Brian where website traffic is coming from. Gmail and Google Docs keep him and his partners connected.

Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. has 2 employees.

In the spirit of giving back, Brian partnered with Nashville-based charity Blood:Water, donating a portion of online sales toward clean-water efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa. “Doing good” resonates with customers, and within two months of rolling out the partnership with AdWords and social media campaigns, online sales jumped 50%. Brian also sells music that complements his coffee and is building a YouTube channel to showcase musicians. His brand is an experience he plans to share with a larger national audience, with the help of Google My Business tools. “When I go back to Lake Sakakawea and I have Mighty Missouri Coffee right there with me, it’s sort of surreal,” he says. “This is my dream.”

For more information on the Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. case study, visit https://economicimpact.google.com.

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