Molly Yeh

Award-Winning Food Blogger Shares How She Grew Her Hobby Into a Business

Molly Yeh started blogging in 2009 as a classical percussion student at The Juilliard School in New York. She wrote about city life, including its diverse cuisine. After a few years, she and her then boyfriend (now husband) returned to their native Midwest and moved onto a working farm, chickens included. This provided a fertile setting for Molly to reinvent herself.

“I didn’t have lots of friends nearby, so I threw myself into the blog and worked on my photos and recipe writing,” she recalls. “My Name Is Yeh shows my life on the farm and the recipes I create, which are influenced by my Chinese and Jewish heritage and my travels.”

Her unique perspective and recipes, from Brussels sprouts latkes to whimsically colorful cakes, combined with a glimpse of farm life became a big hit with foodies. “By networking online and meeting other bloggers, I grew the blog into a business,” she says.

“I couldn’t move to a farm in the middle of nowhere and grow my business without the web.”

Molly Yeh, food blogger and cookbook author

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Google has helped Molly grow her blog from something “only my mom and mom-in-law read” to an income-generating, award-winning destination. Google Analytics provides valuable insights on her audience and web traffic.

“Most of my business is from working with sponsors. And potential sponsors always want to know if my audience aligns with their customer base. With Google Analytics, we can see whether or not my blog is a good fit,” Molly explains.

Her social media channels, including YouTube, bring her experiences, recipes and personality home to over 300,000 followers. Gmail lets her communicate with fellow bloggers, advertisers, sponsors and other business contacts. And AdSense enables her to sell ad space on her site as an additional source of revenue.

Molly Yeh has over 300,000 followers.

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Since her humble beginnings, Molly has won numerous awards and accolades, including Yahoo’s Food Blogger of the Year and Forbes 30 Under 30 for Food & Drink 2017. She is now a sought-after freelance food writer and has published a cookbook, “Molly on the Range.” She gives back by volunteering at her local food co-op and community food truck.

“Through generating a following on social media and traffic on the blog, I’m able to make a living,” Molly says. We can’t wait to see what she’ll serve up next.

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