How This Innovative Startup Drives Community Growth

Brothers Tony and Terry Pearce have one passion: making the world a softer place. “They’re honestly ecstatic about helping people live life more comfortably,” Purple’s director of marketing, Bryant Garvin, said. The two engineers spent 20 years inventing revolutionary polymers that companies use to cushion everything from wheelchairs to basketball shoes. But their greatest creation is their newest, a hyper-elastic polymer called Purple. They use it to make some of the world’s most comfortable mattresses and pillows. “Purple is the color of royalty, and we want everybody to feel comfortable—to feel like royalty,” Bryant remarked.

“It would be impossible to have the success we’ve seen without the internet.”

Bryant Garvin, director of marketing

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Purple began selling exclusively online in 2016. They leverage YouTube to help consumers get a feel for their mattresses by showcasing the technology and its benefits through entertaining videos. Their approach is working–the videos garner hundreds of millions of views.

“YouTube gives us a key opportunity to tell our story in a unique way that engages audiences,” Bryant explained. They count on Google Analytics to track their web traffic and gain valuable insights about their customers. AdWords, Google’s advertising program, helps them drive revenue and build awareness internationally, while G Suite tools Gmail, Docs and Drive keep their employees as flexible as their polymer.

“If Google products didn’t exist, it would be a lot harder for us to see this kind of growth,” Bryant said.

Purple has 600 employees.

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Today, Purple sells more mattresses in one day than they once did in two months, and demand is still growing. They’ve hired 500 employees in a little over a year, and operate a 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Alpine, with another 574,000-square-foot facility opening in Grantsville.

“The biggest thing we do is bring manufacturing jobs to the state of Utah. We drive community growth,” Bryant said. They plan to hire several hundreds more employees as they introduce new products and expand internationally. “We should be in most major international markets within five years,” he added. With a company as innovative as their space-age material, Purple feels comfortable about their future.

For more information on the Purple case study, visit https://economicimpact.google.com.

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