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3 Website Sins That Make Customers Run!

Are you guilty of these content sins on your Website?

You worked hours to create your Website, write content and market your business… so your site traffic should grow along with sales, right? Well, it’s not happening. Why not?

You could be guilty of these…

3 Website Sins That Make Customers Run!

1. Do you offer solutions immediately?

When new site visitors arrive on your home page, what do they see first?

Do you tell them all about your features and how great your business is or how you can help them?

 If you have videos, graphics, loud sounds, and other, annoying things going on, this is not good. Yes, you may have spent a lot of time and money on these “cool” things, but they may be hurting your business!

Instead, focus on letting your visitors know how you solve their problems… immediately.

2. Does your site look professional?

If you have misspellings, grammatical errors, pages that do not load correctly, and other, site issues, people will leave your site.

After all, if you can’t spend the time to fix your Website and provide a professional image, how are you going to help that customer look professional?

Are you going to spend the time needed to make sure you provide excellent service without errors for them?

Review your site for errors and issues. And if you are not a professional content strategist or copywriter, hire one to provide valuable, well-written content specifically for your audience.

3. Is it all about you?

 Do the pages of your website talk about how “we do this, we are the best at, we have experience… blah, blah, blah”? If so, get rid of this language as soon as possible!

This is what I like to call a “we” site. You may love it because it’s all about you, but your customers don’t care. They want to know the benefits and what’s in it for them (see point 1 above). Instead of focusing on your features and business, provide solutions for your customers.

Then, you’ll build a loyal, customer following. After all, you can always talk about “how great your business is” in your “About Us” section!

Time to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine!

Is your Website actually bringing in sales? If not, review your content and write about the benefits and solutions you provide to your target market. Look for errors, and ensure that you provide a good, first-impression.

By looking at the three “sins” above, you can create a Website that focuses on your customers and gives them what they want. Then, they will be more likely to stay on your site, learn about your solutions and buy your products and services!

What are you going to do today to improve your site for your target market?

For more information on using content strategy and SEO copywriting to build buzz, please write to me here or at

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