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Exploring the Connection Between IoT Adoption and Scaling Businesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept has been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t until recently that many companies realized how important it could be for their business.

Companies like Amazon and Microsoft have embraced the idea of IoT for years through integrated inventory, data collection, distribution networks, and more. Today, millions of users worldwide interact with smart tools from these companies, all of which are integrated into the business’ IoT network, allowing for remote access to their products and services.

Now, businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of IoT and the opportunities it can bring to their organizations regarding scalability, growth potential, and performance enhancements.

SMBs are looking to implement IoT technologies in their businesses to reap the rewards of these networks. As SMBs grow and scale, the processing power and digital infrastructure required to maintain an effective IoT network are increasing. SMBs need more advanced hosting to manage multiple sites, devices, and flexing capacity as IoT platforms become more complex. As a result, the demand for dedicated server hosting to maintain effective IoT connectivity is growing.

Dedicated servers are a more advanced hosting network for large businesses but are ideal for SMBs in a growth phase where capacity needs are increasing to keep up with business operations.

IoT is not just convenient, but it’s helping businesses scale with more efficient processes, gain insight into the data behind the business to help make strategic growth decisions, and onboard a global workforce and customer base. Here are some examples of IoT in play today and the positive repercussions on business growth.

Greater Coverage and Connectivity

The Internet of Things allows for seamless integration across devices that collect and share data across your network. IoT devices can include smart watches, manufacturing equipment, cars, kitchen equipment, thermostats, etc. SMBs can build their own IoT platform to facilitate connectivity between all devices within the organization. By building an IoT network, SMBs can create more complex workflows, build remote teams, and cover a greater area of service by integrating these digital networks to automate connectivity and data sharing.

In the last few years, we’ve learned that implementing remote teams can highly benefit certain businesses. Still, efficient and productive digital communication can be difficult without automated systems to support your employees. With IoT networks and devices, you can quickly connect to your team and instantly have information about the state of your projects and tasks. IoT has many benefits for SMBs looking for new opportunities to scale and create a more flexible business network with greater adaptability to today’s digital consumer and remote worker.

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Employees and Workflows

IoT platforms are excellent for discovering new ways to support your employees and improve your internal workflows. With AI, you can make work easier for your team and lower the likelihood of organizational mishaps due to human error or miscommunication by streamlining workflows. In addition, with IoT devices, employees can have remote access to machines, security cameras, inventory sensors, etc., making cooperation efficient worldwide.

AI IoT technology can be implemented within manufacturing to reduce hard labor costs, improve product quality, and gather precise information about inventory and distribution. Even Human Resources can benefit from IoT technology by using things like smartwatches to help promote employee health and wellness.

IoT technology is also a great way to connect remote workers and create a more seamless virtual workplace. Companies that depend on remote workers, such as rideshare companies, will deploy IoT-connected tools such as apps and smartphones to track their employees and simultaneously manage tasks for thousands of workers.

But it’s not just remote workers that benefit from IoT. IoT can improve business within all sectors of industry. For example, farmers of all sizes can utilize IoT machines to keep tabs on soil quality and automate irrigation systems. Small business owners can use IoT to remotely access security cameras and appliances and check on distribution and inventory from their smartphones. Doctors rely on IoT to track patient information, inventory medications, and organize hospital schedules and shifts.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from the many use cases of IoT technologies and their insights. The benefits of IoT impacts all departments in nearly any industry. More SMBs are migrating to dedicated servers for their ability to set up a workload-optimal IT environment that can easily be increased as the business grows.


In the business world, data is power. Collecting and interpreting data from all business areas, from team recruitment to customer satisfaction, can help SMBs initiate positive and beneficial programs to promote growth. Implementing an IoT platform allows SMBs to track metrics for productivity, manufacturing, sales, etc. You can build a more efficient and productive company by understanding how customers interact with your website, products, and personnel.

IoT technology offers many insights to help you create a more flexible and efficient business and product. For example, many companies implementing IoT will utilize Raspberry Pis to create specific automation, such as monitoring machinery or automating certain steps of the manufacturing process. Raspberry Pis are a highly diverse tool for IoT networks, but they almost always require some level of coding and development to carry out your specified task. SMBs more commonly utilize IoT-connected devices like cameras and sensors to help maintain and protect their businesses. Sensors will automatically alert business owners if their store is left open, if an appliance stops working, if there’s a change in temperature, etc. This level of oversight can be critical for some businesses and help employees and business owners respond instantly to malfunctions or errors.


IoT platforms can seem daunting for smaller companies searching for opportunities to scale; however, these networks are not only reserved for enterprise players. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from integrating IoT platforms into their organizations. For smaller businesses, IoT devices can be implemented to help boost productivity by automating certain aspects of the workflow and offering business managers insight into the efficiency of their teams and processes. SMBs looking for opportunities to implement IoT platforms should start by defining a specific goal and applying the appropriate technologies to begin collecting data related to the outcome.

Before building an IoT network, SMBs should ensure they have the server capabilities to maintain adequate data collection and connectivity. While many businesses start on shared servers, SMBs with complex and rapidly growing digital systems may quickly require a dedicated server solution to maintain their growth. A reliable server host can offer high security and a customized solution for your business to ensure your entire IoT network remains fully operational.

Dedicated Servers are a Foundation for IoT

The more devices connected to your IoT platform, the greater the processing power needed to maintain efficient operations and quick data transfers. Migrating your

business network to a dedicated server solution may become essential for scaling your business and improving your IoT platform. Dedicated servers allow for advanced digital configuration that can effortlessly migrate to a fully dedicated and expertly managed server.

The SuN Takeaway

IoT platforms are the future of business because these networks promote automated, seamless integration fueled by data collection and digital connectivity. With these technologies, companies of all sizes can benefit from the flexibility and unique insights these integrated networks offer.

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